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Alphex Bio

Alphex Bio is a Chinese company. The sportsmen know about it because it produces the products based on recombinant growth hormone - Alphex Somatotropin. It operates not only in the pharma area.

Specific characteristics of Alphex Bio products.

The company was launched in 2006. At first, its headquarters was located in Shanghai. However, 4 years later, in 2010, it was moved to Honk Kong and is still there. In 2008, Alphex Somatotropin growth hormone got GMP certificate. The company’s heads managed to create an extensive dealer network on every continent on the planet.

This fact indicates the seriousness of intensions of Alphex Bio company, the products of which can be bought in our store. The manufacturer uses modern cutting-edge technologies and equipment without which it’s almost impossible to produce high-quality products. Given the current situation in the growth hormone market, new companies have to make their way, and it’s possible only due to a certain price policy and production of high-quality products.

Athletes from many countries of the world prefer Alphex Bio growth hormones. You can order them, too, just visit our store. These products aren’t as popular as Jintropin, Ansomone and etc. so far. According to the experts, Alphex Bio products are mid-range ones, meaning that they can boast of high quality and the price attractive for a big number of athletes.

Reviews of athletes and experts on Alphex Bio products

You can find a lot of reviews on the company’s products on the Internet, most of them are let on professional resources.

All in all, reviews on the products of Alphex Bio are positive. The sportsmen note that the quality of these products is very good and that they are affordable. These factors are the main ones for many bodybuilders when it comes to choosing growth hormone. Also, you can buy a variety of sports pharma products in our store, for example, peptides, steroids, growth hormone and etc. We work with the citizens of all cities: New York, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Portland and etc.