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Centurion Laboratories is an Indian manufacturer of generic drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The pharmaceutical company produces products to increase potency, combat premature ejaculation and other problems in sexual life. Centurion Laboratories products are in demand worldwide. 

What Centurion Laboratories Produces  

Centurion Laboratories produces dietary supplements, antimicrobials, analgesics, and anti-cancer drugs. But one of the most important activities of the company is the development and production of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction:

  • Cenforce. The active ingredient of the drug is sildenafil, a selective inhibitor of cGMP-specific FDE5. 

  • Vidalista. The active ingredient is tadalafil, also refers to selective cGMP-specific FDE5 inhibitors.

  • Vilitra. The active ingredient is vardenafil, a highly selective inhibitor of FDE5. 

  • Vriligy. Active ingredient - dapoxetin, serotonin reuptake inhibitor. 

Preparations are available in different dosages. It is possible to choose the concentration of the active ingredient necessary for yourself. 

All erection drugs are designed for use by persons over 18 years of age. Standard contraindications are active intolerance, cardiovascular, kidney or liver failure. 

Centurion Laboratories' products will be useful to whom  

Preparations from the pharmaceutical manufacturer Centurion Labs will come to the aid of the following problems:

  • Impotence of various types (psychogenic, neurogenic, arteriogenic, venogenic, hormonal);

  • Difficulty in achieving full erection

  • Difficulties in achieving orgasm;

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Inability to perform a full sexual act;

  • Tendency to inflammatory processes in the pelvis;

  • Symptoms of chronic inflammatory process: difficulty urinating, problems with conception.

Medications for treating sexual dysfunction are not BADs. This means that they contain a high concentration of the active ingredient and have a therapeutic effect, confirmed and proven by research. 

Where to order drugs from Centurion Laboratories  

Our online pharmacy cooperates directly with Centurion Laboratories. Products can be ordered directly on the website of the online pharmacy. 

Indian manufacturers do not cooperate with online and retail offline pharmacies as this will force them to raise prices for the goods. After all, it will be necessary to spend money on cooperation with numerous mediators. One of the most important factors for the success of Centurion Laboratories is the affordable pricing policy, which attracts the consumer precisely because of the excellent quality combined with the low price. 

The product comes to the buyer carefully packed, without identification marks. Customers don’t have to worry about keeping their anonymity. Centurion Laboratories has long established itself in the market of certified generics. Trust the work of foreign specialists.