GenTech, China

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GenTech is a famous pharma company that owns many developments in this area. Its headquarters is located in San Francisco. This company’s recombinant growth hormone is very popular among athletes.

In 2008, Genentech partnered with Roche and its subsidiary GlycArt to develop the nutusumab. 

  • In February 2010, Genentech began collaborating with the University of California, San Francisco after working with them on about fifteen other collaborative projects, this time collaborating on the discovery of low molecular drugs in neuroscience. 
  • In October 2014, Genentech paid $150 million in advance to work with NewLink Genetics in Iowa on checkpoint inhibitors.
  • In June 2015, he entered into a large-scale partnership with The Data Incubator to help train and recruit a new generation of data professionals at the company. 
  • In January 2015, she signed a $60 million deal with 23andMe, which gave Genentech access to genomic data and patient data stored in 23andMe. 
  • In October 2015, he began a partnership with Nimbus Therapeutics to develop potential clients on the Nimbus platform for finding drugs in silico. 

Specific characteristics of the products offered by GenTech

The company was founded in the distant year of 1976 thanks to joint efforts of biochemist H. Boyer and venture capital investor R. Swanson. It’s worth noting that the former one was responsible for the development of recombinant technology of medication production, including the production of growth hormone. It’s H. Boyer who led the group of scientists who were the first to introduce a human gene into a bacteria.

Today, the company’s heads are eager to continue active development: living on a name leads to being driven out of the market by the other manufacturers. To prevent this, GenTech invests huge amounts of money into the research and production of its products which you can buy in our store.

The company’s facilities are packed with cutting-edge equipment which allows to produce high-quality growth hormones. At the same time, the company considers research activity to be its priority. GenTech’s staff includes more than 1000 scientists who work actively on the development of new products and enhancement of existing ones. Contact us to order GenTech products under favorable conditions.

In 2009, the company merged with Hoffmann-La Roche – a concern from Switzerland. The experts are sure that the company took this step – which was a very important event – to expand its research opportunities in some areas of medicine. At the same time, the company didn’t leave its own production without attention.

Reviews of athletes and experts on GenTech products

Today, growth hormone by GenTech is one of the most demanded drugs in the local pharma market. This fact can be explained by a great combination of price and quality, which is proved by numerous reviews left by bodybuilders. All athletes say that the price of GenTech looks quite attractive. At the same time, the product can boast of high quality. Athletes from any U.S. state can order products from our store. We work with the citizens of New York, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Diego, etc. All orders are processed as quickly as possible.