HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)

Human chorionic gonadotropin

Among all the benefits of this hormone, athletes, first of all, are interested in anabolic and preventive properties. Chorionic gonadotropin increases the synthesis of testosterone, and the most important, it stimulates the activity of the testicles and prevents their atrophy. If you use steroid preparations for bodybuilding, the use of the hormone will help control the concentration of testosterone in the body and support the functions of the testicles at the proper level. You can buy chorionic gonadotropin in our online store - in the form of ampoules for administration with a different dosage.

Gonadotropin in bodybuilding

This preparation is widely used in the involvement in power sports. Its application solves four main tasks:

  • support for the necessary anabolic activity for muscle growth;
  • weight loss with preservation of the entire mass gained;
  • prevention of testicular atrophy when taking steroids;
  • post-course therapy to restore the functions of the male sexual glands.

It should also be mentioned that the hormone has a luteinizing effect on the female body - it contributes to the correct formation of the yellow body in the ovaries.

Mode of application

Taking into account specific goals, dosage of gonadotropin is prescribed individually. If you strictly follow the instructions for use, the preparation eliminates the consequences of taking steroids, but has no other effect on the body. It is a safe hormone that controls the endogenous synthesis of testosterone, while increasing naturally the anabolic activity.

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