HGH (human growth hormone)

human growth hormone

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Human Growth Hormone (HGH), or, as another name is, steroid Somatropin, is a hormone that stimulates bones growth by reproducing and regenerating cells, helps in maintaining the health of all tissues in human body, for example, brain cells and other organs tissues, such as ones of a heart (human growth hormone is used for reducing the risk of having a cardiovascular disease). Somatropin gives you all the physical and psychological benefits of a steroid.

Nowadays, people take this medication because it can help them to reach:

  • bone healing and strengthening;
  • mood and cognitive function betterment;
  • better sleeping;
  • loss of unwanted weight, visceral fat;
  • accelerated maturation;
  • amplification of muscle strength (many men buy this drug to build a body in way's faster and easier way to achieve the body shape they’ve been dreaming of).

Bodybuilders use somatropin human growth hormone because it helps them in building muscle mass and reducing the visceral fat. The drug is taken by bodybuilders to avoid having many traumas, thanks to drug's ability to strengthen connective tissues and bones. GH has obvious advantages, such as high efficiency, low chance of side effects occurrence, absence of influence on sexual function. It also does not require post-course therapy.

HGH is still usually injected subcutaneously with an insulin syringe because this is the most effective way of receiving this hormone by a human body. Other form that you see advertised or run across is NOT true HGH. It is necessary to dissolve the powder with bacteriostatic water before injecting it by slightly shaking the bottle. The medicine should be injected immediately after mixing it up with water. Choose the injection site (it must be changed every time to avoid the effect of burned fat) and lubricate it with alcohol. After that, insert the needle at an angle of 45-90 degrees. Slowly inject the drug.

The diluted drug can be stored in a refrigerator during 72 hours and should not be frozen. If HGH hasn’t been used for 72 hours since that moment, it has to be destroyed. Even if one day was missed for some reason, a double dose of HGH should never be taken. Keeping up taking the drug in accordance to the plan is the best solution in this case.

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