Caretropin 1,5 ml 22,5 IU PHARMACY

Caretropin 1,5 ml 22,5 IU PHARMACY

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The growth hormone drug developed independently by Daewoong Pharmaceutical will be exported to Philippines.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd(President: Lee Jong-wook) announced on September 17 that its growth hormone drug ‘Caretropin’ and dedicated syringes obtained approval for sale in Philippines. The Philippines is one of Asian countries with the most demanding requirements for drug registration. Having received this approval, Daewoong Pharmaceutical will be better positioned in the exports to other countries such as Asia.

Caretropin is the nation’s first growth hormone product developed by Daewoong Pharmaceutical with its proprietary technology in 2011, and used for the patients who have growth hormone deficiency.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical is currently mapping out sales partnering and marketing strategies for Caretropin in line with local market conditions in a bid to turn Caretropin into an undisputed no. 1 growth hormone product in Philippines. Moreover, Daewoong Pharmaceutical is poised to make inroads into the anti-aging market with its filler Perfectha which was already rolled out.

The cartridge formulation has been growing more than twice as fast as vial (ample) type in the Philippines market for growth hormone drugs.

Lee Jong-wook, President of Daewoong Pharmaceutical, said, “Caretropin has been put onto global market, starting from Vietnam and Philippines. As the growth hormone market is expected to continue growth, we have set a target of over KRW 50 billion in exports to 35 countries by 2020.”

Caretropin, which has been well-received for its excellent dosing convenience and superiority, is slated for export to the Middle East, Latin America, CIS, etc., in 3 years after its launch.

Caretropin syringe, a pen type fitted with reset button, is designed to ensure easy dose-setting and safety for patients, unlike the existing disposable growth hormone syringes. Additionally, this easy-to-use syringe can find applications in bio-medicines such as growth hormone or insulin which needs to be self-injected over the long-term.

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