Eurotropin 100 IU

Eurotropin 100 IU

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Buy Eurotropin growth hormone

Eurotropin is a growth hormone product from a popular pharmaceutical company, which is used in sports and traditional medicine. Many athletes want to buy Eurotropin. This is due to its high efficiency and attractive cost. 

Effects of Eurotropin

Drugs based on synthetic somatotropin began to be used in sports back in the 1980s. At that time, they were considered elitist because of their very high cost. However, HGH is very effective and professional bodybuilders actively used it.

Today the pricing policy has changed for the better. Scientists have developed recombinant technology. As a result, the price of Eurotropin looks attractive and is designed for a wide range of athletes. However, all products of the Moldovan company EPF have good quality and affordable price. It is these factors that can explain its high popularity among the athletes.

Growth hormone is one of the most powerful anabolic in human body. This substance molecule consists of amines. The synthetic growth hormone does not differ from the endogenous one. If you decide to order Eurotropin, you can count on getting the following effects:

·      Significantly accelerates the processes of lipolysis;

·      Improves body definition;

·      Allows you to gain high quality weight;

·      Strengthens cartilage, connective and bone tissues;

·      Increases the effectiveness of the body's defense mechanisms.

Numerous reviews about Eurotropin testify to the high effectiveness and safety of this drug.

Eurotropin application scheme

For amateur athletes, the recommended daily dosage is 5-15 units. We recommend that you start each course with the minimum dosage. If there are no side effects after 5-7 days, the dose can be increased to 10-15 units. In this case, you should already take two injections during the day. The duration of the Eurotropin course is at least three months.

In order to get the maximum result from the use of this growth hormone, experienced bodybuilders use it together with other types of pharma. If the goal of using the drug is to gain weight, the best bundles for growth hormone are steroids Boldenone and long Testosterones. During the drying period growth hormone can be combined with anabolics, peptides, Clenbuterol, Yohimbine, and thyroid hormones. Our online store welcomes people from all over the world, including Europe and the USA.

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