GenTech Somatropin 100 IU

GenTech Somatropin 100 IU

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Growth hormone Somatropin Gentech

Gentech Somatropin is a drug based on synthetic growth hormone, it is very popular among athletes. You can buy the active component of Gentech Somatropin from us. It’s produced with the use of recombinant technology. This product’s price is average and this fact means that it’s attractive for many bodybuilders and the product’s quality is good enough.

Effects of Gentech Somatropin

Somatropin has been one of the key drugs in the modern bodybuilding industry since long ago. It helps bodybuilders to reach many of their goals, such as gaining high-quality muscle mass, improving muscle definition, and increasing strength.

Let’s highlight the main positive effects of Gentech Somatropin:

  • Stimulates hypertrophy process without retention of fluid in muscle tissue;
  • Has strong fat burning and anticatabolic effects;
  • Improves muscle definition and density;
  • Has a positive effect on the immune system, joint, and ligament function.

One more important property of this product is its ability to activate the processes of hyperplasia of muscle tissues. The growth of the amount of muscle tissues allows to expand of the athlete’s genetic potential. This is one more reason to order Gentech Somatropin. Please note that you can do it under the most favorable conditions in our store.

Gentech Somatropin-only cycle

Gentech Somatropin’s half-life period is quite short, you have to get injections daily. Daily dosage is 5-10 ME. The course duration is usually 2-4 months. Given that Gentech Somatropin enjoys a high level of safety, you don’t need post-cycle therapy after withdrawal. Also, you can be sure you won’t suffer from the rollback effect.

Combining Gentech Somatropin with other products

Experienced athletes try to make the cycles as effective as possible. To reach the desired effect, they use Gentech Somatropin with other products. The choice depends on the goal:

You can buy any products for improving sports performance in our store. Our service is available to the citizens of any U.S. city - New York, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Diego, etc.

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