Growtropin 160 IU

Growtropin 160 IU

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Buy human growth hormone Growtropin

Growtropin is a new growth hormone-based product. With the help of this popular product you can quickly gain weight, and also conduct an excellent course of drying. You can get cheap growth hormone in our online store.

Growtropin Characteristics

The active ingredient of Growtropin is a synthetic somatotropin. In the body this substance is synthesized by the anterior pituitary gland and is one of the most powerful anabolic hormones. The maximum concentration of endogenous growth hormone is observed during human adulthood. The rate of HGH production decreases rapidly with age. Among the many positive effects of somathropin, there are several that are of interest to athletes:

·      Rapid increase in muscle volume.

·      Increased strength potential.

·      Acceleration of lipolysis processes.

·      Positive effect on all elements of the joint and ligament apparatus.

Unlike steroids, somatotropin is able to stimulate not only the process of hypertrophy of muscle tissues, but also hyperplasia. The second process is the activation and growth of the so-called satellite fibers. In the normal state, they are in the sleeping stage. However, under the influence of GH, these fibers are awakened, after which they can be pumped. 

With the help of Growtropin, athletes can greatly expand their genetic potential. At the same time, growth hormone preparations are characterized by a high level of safety. When used correctly, these medications carry minimal risks of side effects. Many athletes decide to order the growth hormone exactly due to these qualities.

The course of Growtropin use

The recommended daily dosage of Growtropin is 5-10 units. If the athlete has not used growth hormone before, the course should start with the minimum dose. If the body responded well to the introduction of this drug, it is possible to increase the amount of somatotropin used. The duration of the course is usually 3-4 months. 

To get the best possible result, this drug can be combined with other types of pharma. For weight gain the best choice are long Testosterones and Boldenone. Some steroids (Winstrol, Drostanolone, Oxandrolone, etc.), as well as peptides, thyroid hormones can also be used during the drying period.

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