Humantropin 10 IU (EU domestic)

Humantropin 10 IU (EU domestic)

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Humantropin growth hormone description

Humantropin is very popular among athletes. The product is based on synthetic growth hormone made by recombinant technology. You can buy Somatropin to use either to get ripped or to gain muscle mass. The universality of growth hormone is what makes it popular among athletes.

Effects of Humantropin Somatropin

The human body’s anterior pituitary gland produces somatropin. This process occurs faster in kids. As people grow older, their bodies begin to produce less growth hormone. Athletes began to use growth hormone actively in 80-s. However, its price was so high, that only professional bodybuilders could afford it. Today, the situation is different.

Thanks to Chinese manufacturers, synthetic somatropin became available to many athletes. Its price looks attractive and is affordable for many. As for positive effects, let’s highlight the following ones:

      It allows to gain high-quality muscle mass;

      Improves muscle definition;

      Makes muscles denser and tighter;

      Has a positive effect on joints and removes pain in these body parts.

It also makes sense to mention one more important property of Alphex Somatropin – it enables muscle tissue hyperplasia. Thanks to it, you can increase the number of cells it muscle tissues, thus expanding your genetic potential. You can order Human Labs Somatropin under favorable conditions in our store.

Humantropin Somatropin cycle

Daily dosage varies from 5 to 10 ME, the cycle should last 2-4 months. Start your first cycle with minimum dose, this will let you to find out what your body’s reaction will be. If you don’t experience any side effects, you can increase the dose to 10 ME.

Combining the product with other solutions

If you want to gain muscle mass, it’s great to use Somatropin with testosterone with long half-life period and Boldenon. To make the cycle’s effect stronger, athletes often combine growth hormone with thyroid hormones. 

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