Hygetropin 100 IU

Hygetropin 100 IU

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Hygetropin is also termed recombined Human Growth Hormone, or rHGH ( Somatropin ). It is a hormone that is secreted from the pituitary gland. It stimulates human growth and cell reproduction and regeneration.

As you age, your body naturally produces less HGH. You are no longer growing, so you no longer need to generate as many new cells on a regular basis. The loss of GH is also what makes you age. GH directly influences the growth and development of cells, bones, cartilage, muscles, skin, blood vessels, nerves, liver and kidneys. All of the bodily functions governed by GH are the areas that begin to suffer as you age. As GH levels drop, your skin tone deadens, wrinkles appear, and skin slackens.

You don't sleep as well anymore. You notice a decrease in your sex drive. That is a direct result of shifting hormone levels, plus changes in blood pressure and skin sensitivity; all of which are governed by GH. Your muscle tone diminishes as your body begins to store more fat. This is due to decreased cell production and a reduced metabolic rate. Your clarity of thought and memory begin to suffer. This is due to the slower rejuvenation of cells, this time in your brain. GH directly and indirectly affects almost every part of your body.

Hygetropin for sale

Hygetropin is produced by gene recombination DNA technology (rHGH ) . It contains high purity human growth hormone (HGH) consisting of 191 amino acids. The amino acid series in Hygetropin is identical to the body’s naturally produced human growth hormone (HGH).Hygetropin is very popular HGH which has a lot of reviews!

How to use Hygetropin?

You can easily find informative and useful articles about HGH on our website.

If you aim to significantly develop your muscle structure and better your body, you should take HGH for 2-3 months to get visible results. You can recognize the first changes in 2 weeks of everyday usage.

Hygetropin dosage 

It depends on your goal.

In order to heal your joints and refine your skin, 1-2 IUs per day would be enough.

If your aim is to burn fat, your daily dose should be 4 IUs.

If you want to grow the muscles, you should take 5-20 IUs per day. The average amount is 8-12 IUs.

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