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Liquid growth hormone Oxytropin

Oxytropin is a popular product based on recombinant growth hormone and produced by a Chinese company – Civia. It’s actively used by bodybuilders from various countries.

Oxytropin effects

Oxytropin is a growth hormone made by recombinant technology. This product has strong anabolic and anticatabolic properties. It helps body builders to gain high quality muscle mass and improve muscle definition.

Growth hormone is very popular among body builders. The first body builders began to use it in early 80-s. At that time, it was very expensive, however, since then, many Chinese products have entered the market, thus leading to a serious reduction in growth hormone price. The price of Oxytropin is relatively low and many athletes can buy this product.

Oxytropin has the following positive effects:

  • Stimulates the process of muscle tissue hypertrophy and hyperplasia;
  • Has strong fat-burning properties;
  • Improves immune system;
  • Boosts protein production;
  • Improves skin;
  • Strengthens connective and bone tissue.

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Oxytropin cycle

Growth hormones have a short half-life period, that’s why you need to get injections every day. Daily dose varies from 5 to 15 ME. If you buy Oxytropin for the first time, start with the minimum dosage. If you don't experience any side effects during the several following days, you can increase the dose up to 10 ME. Cycle duration is 3-4 months. It'’ also worth noting that women can use growth hormone with low risks of side effects, too.

Combining the product with other solutions

Oxytropin can be used together with various products. If you bought growth hormone to gain muscle mass, it’s better to use testosterone levels with long half-life and Boldenone. During the period of fat burning, you can use Oxytropin with thyroid hormones and steroids that have a strong fat-burning effect, as well as with peptides. Athletes living in any US city - New York, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Portland – can buy sports pharma products in our store.

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