Powertropin 10 IU

Powertropin 10 IU

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Growth Hormone Powertropin, sports pharmaceuticals allow athletes to achieve impressive results in bodybuilding. If you need to quickly get in shape, buy Powertropin, an effective injection. Powertropin is a synthetic growth hormone produced by well-known Chinese pharmaceutical company W.S. Bio (Shanghai). He received many positive reviews and recommendations from professional athletes and bodybuilding coaches.

Growth hormone Powertropin acts on the athlete's body in a complex. Despite the fact that the tool was originally developed to compensate for growth retardation in childhood, other useful properties were identified during the testing process. Somatropin injections have a rejuvenating effect, which is important for athletes who have overcome the 35-year mark, and also:

  • increase the effectiveness of training;
  • due to the stimulation of endurance;
  • promote muscle building;
  • reduce the amount of body fat;
  • launch regeneration processes;
  • normalize blood pressure;
  • reduce cholesterol.

Powertropin sale

When conducting research in athletes, an increase in muscle mass by 9% was noted, as well as burning up to 14% of fat without restricting the diet.

The price of Powertropin is fully consistent with its quality. The Chinese drug in the production process is thoroughly cleaned from impurities, and therefore practically does not cause side effects. In our store you can buy Powertropin for the course at a reasonable price, and convenient packaging will make it easier to receive.

Where to buy and how to take

Growth hormone Powertropin is produced in vials containing freeze-dried powder. For injection, dilute the contents of the ampoule with water in a volume of 1 ml. Before use, check the release date - the shelf life should not exceed two years from the date of production. The daily dosage is usually 10 IU - as much is contained in each bottle.

Our online store contains only high-quality sports nutrition and pharmaceuticals, so you can be sure of the product. Buy growth hormone Powertropin with delivery to different regions of Ukraine, take a course, and you will immediately notice a steady strong increase in performance. We will be happy to help in setting new personal records!

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