Somatropix 20 ml 100 IU

Somatropix 20 ml 100 IU

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Buy Somatropix growth hormone

Somatropix is a drug based on synthetic growth hormone. It is manufactured by the Chinese company Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm. Many athletes are familiar with it by SARMs, known by the good quality and with a huge success among our customers. You can order Somatropix on favorable terms here. 

Properties of Somatropix

Today, synthetic somatotropin is one of the most sought-after drugs among bodybuilders. It was first used in 1980s for such purposes. However, due to the high cost it was used exclusively by professional bodybuilders those years.

Today the situation has changed and the price of Somatropix looks very attractive. Although this drug is a novelty on the domestic market, it is already in high demand.

Let us note the main positive qualities of HGH:

·      Allows to gain proper muscle mass;

·      Accelerates processes of reduction of adipose tissue;

·      Improves the performance of the joint and ligament apparatus;

·      Suppresses catabolic reactions effectively;

·      Activates the process of hyperplasia of muscle tissues.

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How to use Somatropix

Somatropix is both for men and women. Since the active ingredient of the drug has a short half-life, you should inject this variation of growth hormone every day. Do it with 2-3 doses. The recommended daily dosage is 5-20 units.

The cycle duration of Somatropix should past 3-6 months. Start the course with the minimum dosage of 5 units. If no health problems in first 10-14 days, the dose should be increased. Once it reaches 10 units or more, start injecting HGH in two doses. To increase the effectiveness of a course of GH, combine it with thyroid hormones, steroids, peptides, etc. Although it is a new drug, you can already find reviews of Somatropix online.

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