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Spectros 14 IU is a popular growth hormone variant on the market. It is produced by a well-known European Brand Spectrum Pharma.

Why you should buy Spectros 14 IU?

There are many reviews of athletes about the high results of the application. Its use can significantly improve physical data. The drug is actively used in bodybuilding or powerlifting, as well as in a number of other sports disciplines. Spectros 14 IU is supplied in powder form.

Positive effects:

·      Fast set of muscle mass;

·      Elimination of body fat;

·      Improving the quality of muscle relief;

·      Also, there are positive side effects, including strengthening joints, slowing down the aging process, and significantly increasing libido.

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For getting more real effects for a short time, you can use somatropin jointly with insulin or anabolic steroids.

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