How to use HGH (human growth hormone)

06 Dec 2021

How to use HGH (human growth hormone)

The daily period of somatotropin use


Many people ask when during the day is the best time to put Human Growth Hormone? There are many opinions if you try to search for an answer, but you won't find a definite answer. People say that the best time is in the morning, or in the afternoon, or before going to bed, or before a meal, or after, or a couple of hours after a meal. This list could go on and on. 


Let's break it down scientifically. HGH and insulin share the same receptors. This creates a large group of people who are convinced that growth hormone is taken before meals, and only. They consume somatotropin, for example, right after waking up or at night, after not eating for 3 hours.


There are also fans of the theory of exogenous human growth hormone. What is the essence of their approach? Not wasting time trying to find the right time for hgh.  The author of this article was once lucky enough to see a guy in a cafe who was injecting himself right in the middle of the day in a cafe, and he wasn't embarrassed by anyone. 


Some people who stick to the instructions of the growth hormone they buy. They only inject themselves at night. This can lead to interesting consequences, like colorful images in your dreams. 


Which truth is truer? First, we're talking about the use of somatotropin for athletic purposes. Somatotropin instructions are for people who have health problems. Therefore, the instructions for use for athletes are not applicable. The best time to use it is when the body is in the catabolic stage. It is better to take the drug immediately after sleep and 7-8 hours of no food intake respectively. Also, a suitable option for injections is after a workout, strength, or anaerobic exertion. Any kind of activity at all. 


It is better to inject growth hormone intramuscularly. This allows the active ingredient to be absorbed into the bloodstream as quickly as possible. It may be helpful to divide your daily dosage into two equal injections on training days. How does this work? The first half-injection is given in the morning immediately after waking up and 40 minutes before your first meal. The second injection should be given in the first half-hour after the workout. Wait another 30 minutes after that, and you can eat or drink a protein shake. The actual volume of one injection, in this case, is 3 units.


Course length


Let's talk about the course length in general. You should clearly remember that insulin-like growth factor is triggered by growth hormone for 3 weeks. The period may differ by a few days up or down due to individual peculiarities of a particular person's body. We do not recommend taking courses of 4 weeks. It does not make the result you expect. The only point of this approach is to test the capabilities of a particular product. For this purpose, you take a test for IGF before taking a growth hormone and after 21 days of full use. You also need hgh after the start of the course. 


The actual course of taking hgh is about 3 months. This will allow you to get all the effects you need and understand the specifics of its use. As an example, the author of this article uses growth hormones to treat injuries. My dosage is 3 units of somatotropin every day for 6 months or more. The long period of taking it demonstrates its positive properties. Now the prices of the drugs are very favorable, and most athletes can afford 3-6 months easily.


It is also common to use human growth hormone during a course of anabolic steroids. This refers to the periods of gaining muscle mass and drying equally. Growth hormone noticeably improves the results of taking steroids always. The time of taking hgh, in this case, is equal to the time of the course itself. The course must be more than 2 months.


Truth and myths about the methodology of use


How is growth hormone usually administered? The most common application patterns are 3/1 (4/1) and 5/2. The first value refers to the number of consecutive days when the injection is to be given, and the second value refers to the number of days of a break.


The 3/1 and 4/1 application models originated considering the times when somatotropin powder was the most common. One pack contains 10 units and was divided into 3 to 3 to 4 units, followed by a 1-day break. If a 4/1 pattern of use was chosen, 5 units of hgh were taken on each of the four days.


The 5/2 application model is still less common, but its advantages are also obvious. The 5/2 is used by a large number of athletes today. The idea behind this model is a simple schedule. The athlete uses the product in the morning on weekdays and takes a break on the weekend. The things I said here are more applicable in the presence of somatotropin liquid.


There are other hgh injection methodologies as well. The main condition is not to let the IGF drop below 20-30% after a period of skipping injections. You should not skip injections for more than 3-5 consecutive days. Taking the drug should always be twice as long as the skip itself. These simple rules will help you come up with your convenient regimen. Somatotropin liquid will help you to do this. 


One more recommendation for the scheme of use: during rehabilitation therapy after an injury or surgery (stabbed, cut wounds) you can skip more than 1 day at a dosage not exceeding 5 units.