Somatotropin - powder or liquid?

06 Dec 2021

Somatotropin - powder or liquid?

Somatotropin powder or liquid?


Somatotropin is one of the hormones of the anterior pituitary lobe. It is also called somatotropin hormone, growth hormone, and human growth hormone. Somatotropin is part of a family of polypeptide hormones. It includes 191 amino acids.


The market for products in this category includes products from many brands. They offer the product in two main types:


-       Powder;

-       Liquid.


Which manufacturers and which type of hgh to choose? Many athletes ask themselves these questions. Many old-school athletes prefer somatotropin powder out of habit. New athletes’ generation chooses somatotropin liquid and vaunts it because of its ease of use. 


Now let us see, which variant is better to use.


Somatotropin powder


This one is simpler and easier to understand. After synthesis and purification, you get somatotropin liquid. This is its original form. At the next stage, the growth hormone is poured into vials in the desired proportion and sent for lyophilization.


Lyophilization is a method of soft drying substances with freezing of the drug to be dried.  Somatotropin is then put into a vacuum chamber for "soft drying." Lyophilization does not lead to the denaturation of most amino acids. This allows the drug to be stored for a long time at a moderately low temperature.


The main advantage of hgh powder is its shelf life. On average, it is 4 years. It is also easier to transport. There are also disadvantages. It remains usable only for about 3-5 days when dissolved in water for injection or in 0.9% sodium chloride. The use of bactericidal water can extend the shelf life of the resulting solution to 2 weeks.


The disadvantages of lyophilization are:

·      the need for careful preparation of the drug for drying;

·      creating and maintaining a vacuum condition for complete drying;

·      a long drying process;

·      high energy costs before getting the result. 


A drying chamber is expensive. A miniature version of the device with a chamber volume of 2.5 liters costs from 25,000 USD. Optimal variants with a vacuum system cost several times as much. Not all laboratories are prepared to spend on a lyophilic chamber. This is the reason for the widespread use of hgh liquid. At the production of the author of this article, we did not have such a chamber for a long time before.

We had to dry growth hormone in medical labs. Sometimes we rented a dryer. All this is expensive and inconvenient, and somatotropin powder turned out to be more expensive in the end. However, the demand is there, and the supply will also be soon. And everyone wants peptides in their usual dry form.


Somatotropin liquid


After the synthesis and purification processes, we get somatotropin liquid. How can it be stabilized and preserved to keep its shelf life of several years and immunity to external factors (temperature changes and transportation)? Medical preservatives help. Several categories are available, varying in properties and price.


Which will be the best choice? We need to look to the experience of the experts. *As Dr. Werner Reinhardt used to say, "discovery requires experimentation." We have experimented with many preservatives and found the three best choices. One of them is suitable for transportation in conditions similar to the climate of the Russian Federation. We are talking about a period when it is enough to keep the growth hormone chain intact for about 20 days and at a temperature of +8-30 degrees Celsius.

The second conservative is more relevant to transport to European or Asian countries, where it is necessary to keep the chain longer at higher temperatures. The third solution is suitable for summer when transportation conditions are extremely harsh. So, there are no secrets. All solutions vary in price, which is reflected in the final product. 


Liquid hgh is very easy to use, which is its main advantage. You don't have to waste time preparing the mixture. Most variants hold temperature normally and are not afraid of shaking in transport. The average shelf life is three years. Anyone who does not plan to store growth hormone for too long should give preference to this particular option.




Now you know the basics of liquid and dry growth hormone, and this knowledge will help you make your choice. The author of this article has long chosen liquid because he values convenience.


There are many brands available on the market, and most of them are in the somatotropin liquid category. Decide for yourself what to choose. But don't waste your money on the cheapest options, as they always contain the cheapest stabilizer. And also, the purity of the drug is unlikely to reach even up to 96%.