Anabolic steroid half life

08 Feb 2022

Anabolic steroid half life

When you are truly off?

The steroid half life shows when half of its dosage gets out of the body. It is vital to know this information in order to arrange a treatment schedule in an efficient way and avoid any undesirable gaps or excess amounts of the steroids in the blood.

When you complete the cycle, your body is still impacted by the drug. Thus if you know the half life of steroid you have taken and remember the day when you took the last dose, you can calculate the day when it leaves your blood without remainder. If the metric is equal to a week, it means that commencing from the eighth day the drug starts to go off at a growing rate and in another 7 days there will be only half of the active agent in the body. The amount goes down by half every week until it goes off completely.

So, you should not neglect this residual effect when you plan your cycles. Easy calculations will help you to know when exactly the action is over.

What is the half-life of a drug in detail?

The idea of a half-life is used not only when steroids are taken. This parameter is important in medicine in general and can be applied to usage of any drug and food. You can find various explanations of this condition. But in all cases it means all the same: the time necessary for an active substance to grow less than half of the initially taken dose once in the body. This knowledge allows a person to know how long the active ingredient is taking effects and avoid dangerous mixing of undesired elements or overdosing.

This is also about efficiency of steroid treatment especially if it is continuous and complicated. If the drug has a long half-life, it will kick in for a long period of time. This is about safety – careless intake of drugs without control and wrong timing can result in severe side effects.

You should know that when you choose short half-life steroids you get more concentrated drugs which work faster. Usually it is recommended to take them several times per day to achieve a continuous action. On the contrary, long half-life steroids take effect slower and continue acting for a longer period. That is why there is no need for frequent intakes.

What influences the half-life?

The anabolic steroid half life depends on a several factors like:

  1. The way it is administered. It does matter whether the drugs get to the body orally or with injection. When we speak about physique and performance enhancement, the steroids are usually administered in both ways. The oral route contributes to a decrease of the half-life as far as most steroids are available in such a form that they will act almost immediately after intake being transferred to the bloodstream without delay. Rapid involvement into liver metabolism makes the hormone start working in the body sooner and then it gets out of the system in a prompt manner. Oral anabolic steroid half-lives usually range from 4 hours to 48 hours. If we speak about injectable anabolic steroids, we should consider two types of them: oil- and water-based ones. Any injectable steroid has a longer half-life compared with oral ones because when it is injected, it accumulates in the muscle tissue and releases to the bloodstream from that place bit by bit.

  2. Esterification. The term means a chemical reaction which leads to a build-up of esters in the form of the bond. The longer the ester bond is, the longer half-life the anabolic steroid has. When injected into the bloodstream, such an ester bond is broken off by specific molecules quite quickly and an athlete gets a dose of hormone. If the bond is long enough, it takes more time to free the hormone from the ester. Esterification allows the athletes to take the anabolic steroids comparatively rarely and to build comfortable injection schedules following the steroid half-life chart.

  3. Resistance to the metabolism in the body. If the steroids are very resistant to metabolism in the body, they will be broken down slowly. But still as any other product penetrating into the body, in the long run they will undergo metabolism and leave the body.

So, anabolic steroids are administered in various manners and in various frequencies. It is vital to know a steroid half life chart for the purpose of performance and physique enhancement, if an athlete wants to have optimal blood plasma levels. The difference in half life may be huge ranging from 4 hours to 2 weeks.