Most nutritious nuts for bodybuilding

08 Feb 2022

Most nutritious nuts for bodybuilding

Nuts value

Nuts are considered as “superfoods”. There is some truth to this. It is highly recommended to add them to ration because they are packed with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins which contribute to bodybuilding a lot. Of course, there are pros and cons, which will be revealed in the article. Also, we’ll tell you how many grams of nuts per day bodybuilding allows.

All nuts contain a lot of dietary fibre and healthy fats and these two components are good for athletes as they are able to satiate without messing with the special meal pattern. Here one thing should be taken into account – the nuts have a high fat content. So, it is vital to remember that the entire daily fat amount should be equal to about 30% of total calories.

It is allowed to consume nuts 1-2 hours before a workout but the amount should not exceed 25g. It should be used as a quick energy source. If the meal consumed before exercising consists of fat, the specified amount should be reduced. In general, the fat that is allowed before gym should bring 15-20% of a meal’s calories.

It is allowed to consume nuts after workouts. In this case the body will get vital macronutrients which help to recharge energies and regain strength. And again due to a high fat content, you should not exceed the limits - 35g or even less if other fat sources are included.

What nuts are the best for bodybuilding?

Choosing the best nuts for bodybuilding, we’d highlight two of them. As far as the key element of food for physical performance is protein, we should consume the nuts containing it to the highest extent and they are:

  1. Peanuts. They provide the most level of protein and contribute to the production of nitrogen oxide, which cause vasodilation. That is why healthy substances are delivered to muscle tissues almost immediately. This kind of nuts do not cause weight gain, instead they help the central nervous system to function properly, improve memory, and even lift spirits. You should know that in 100 g there are 552 calories provided by 26 g of protein, 45 g of fat, and 10 g of carbohydrates.

  2. Almonds. They contain a lot of protein too and are the most nutritious nuts for bodybuilding making an athlete feel saturated due to a high fat content. Also, they impact the production of dopamine 1.      participating in the development of the central nervous system. You should know that in 100 g there are 609 calories provided by 18 g of protein, 53 g of fat, 13 g of carbohydrates.

Being a perfect source of protein, the nuts for bodybuilding:

  • simplify losing weight. The fats and fibre of nuts slow down digestion that is why an athlete stays saturated longer and gets less calories during day sticking with a lower-calorie.

  • improve digestion. The fibre will help the body remove toxins and various waste.

  • help to fight inflammation. As far as athletes always deal with inflammation in muscles caused by weight training, they feel much better consuming nuts which contribute to adaptation and recovery of the body.

Some cons

  • You should remember that nuts provide a lot of calories because they are high in fat. This is not a problem if you keep the amount of consumed nuts under control, refusing to eat them throughout the day. In order to avoid overconsuming, it is recommended to prepare limited portions for every day scaling them.

  • Nuts cannot be the only source of protein. They do contain it but in an amount which is not enough to build muscles. So, it is important to add products rich in protein calculated as about 2.4g per kg of body weight. If an athlete’s weight is 90kg, he will need about 216g of protein per day, while the allowed portion of nuts contain about 6g.

  • As a result, the protein to fat ratio of the nuts is not balanced in a proper way for the purpose of bodybuilding. If you increase the amount to get more protein, you will get a lot of calories which will not be realized during a day. It’s generally accepted that this ratio should be 5g of protein to 1g of fat. In this case an athlete will easily achieve his goals following his workout plan.

  • There are other ingredients of the nuts, the level of which should not be controlled. For instance, salty nuts contain a lot of sodium. While there are recommendations to be careful with its consumption.

So, you can use bodybuilding nuts as a healthy meal in keeping with the rules.