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You should choose muscle-building medicines that encourage muscle growth during workouts responsibly. Take into account drug tolerance.  You can buy Boldenone course in our store at an affordable price. This product is widely used, especially by the western athletes because, it’s very effective for muscle mass growth and has as few side effects as possible. That’s why it’s also often used by women. Boldenon Undecylenate (also known as Equipoise) is supplied in 10 ml ampoules or vials and is administrated by injection, thus reducing stress on the liver.

Boldenone (Equipoise) characteristics  

Use of Boldenone results in slow but steady muscle growth stemmed from increase in appetite which occur almost right after an athlete starts using this anabolic steroid. Along with that, the medicine boosts erythropoietin production which is followed by increase in red blood cell production. Thus, Boldenone steroid helps to provide the tissues with oxygen, consequently increasing your stamina.  

A very important factor for the use of Boldenone is that it regulates androgen receptor levels. The androgen receptor gets strong anticatabolic properties. In other words, it prevents protein degradation.  This sports product for bodybuilders proved itself during both bulking and cutting stages. Boldenone has a very low androgenic effect, so the only side effect is increased sex drive. Thus, using Equipoise is safe enough due to a small number of side effects. As a result, it may be used not only by male athletes, but also by female ones.

Boldenone course

Boldenone course duration for bodybuilding is 8-12 weeks, the dose ranges from 400 to 1000 mg, to be more precise, 10-12 mg/1 kg body weight.  It’s recommended to do PCT  after the course is over (in 3 weeks since the last Boldenone injection).

Boldenone injection price

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