What mixed steroids are (mixes of esters)?

You may need to balance your hormones  when doing bodybuilding. So-called steroid mixes solve this issue. You can buy these products in MyMuscle online store. Supplied as ampoules, this product is available at an affordable price.   

Types of mixes 

Mixed steroids are mixes of esters of testosterone, trenbolone, nandrolone, boldenone and etc. in a single vial.  Esters in oil-based suspensions differ in terms of elimination half-life. Phenylcarbinol is added as preserving agent. Esters that have different types of activity get mixed and get into the bloodstream at different speed at time, thus balancing hormones during the periods of time when the body shuts down its testosterone production.  

You can buy, for example, the following mixes in our store. The choice depends on your individual body characteristics and goals in sports.  

  • Sp Labs Supertest 10ml 450mg/ml;

Sp Labs Supertest is unique due to combination of five testosterone esters. It’s more suitable for bodybuilding than other mixes. Supertest has an immediate effect. It helps to grow lean muscle mass and to increase strength, as well as to boost the immune system.  Get an injection once a week, the dosage ranges from 450 to 900. The course lasts for at least 5 weeks. Mixed steroids will let you get better at sports. Moreover, they will help you to transform your body and significantly strengthen your immune system.  

You can buy mixed steroids in our online store and get them shipped within Boston and the US. The orders of 600 dollar equivalents or more will be shipped for free.

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