Supertest 10 ml 450 mg SP Labs

Supertest 10 ml 450 mg SP Labs

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Supertest is a unique combination of 5 testosterone esters, thanks to this it’s a potent and effective medicine for maximizing your performance in bodybuilding and other sports.   

Sp Labs Supertest 450 description 

Supertest by Sp Labs (Moldova) produces its effect as soon as in several minutes after you get an injection: this is what makes it effective and why it gains popularity among the athletes of different performance levels.

These are the main effects of Supertest:

- helps to increase lean muscle mass and strength    

- has effect on anabolic processes in the body, improves amino acid synthesis in muscle tissue  

- boosts immune system and sex drive   

- produces its effect in an insignificant amount of time after it is injected   

- has no side effects if used properly  

How to use Sp Labs Supertest 450 

Minimum course duration is 6-8 weeks. Get an injection once a week. Optimal dosage is 450-900 mg for every injection.     

Supertest 450 may be used by both experienced athletes and the beginners who have never used sports medicines before.  To achieve a better result, use it together with other medicines.   

Sp Labs Supertest 450 price

You can buy Sp Labs Supertest at a reasonable price in our online store! The product is shipped mainly within 1-3 days within the US, no matter what city it is shipped  to.   

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