Primobolan description  

Bodybuilders use some of sports medicine products not as the primary ones, but as an adjunctive treatment that helps to maximize the main product’s effectiveness. Our online store offers one of those steroid products called Primobolan (also known as Primobolan Depot). It is mostly used as an adjunctive treatment in addition to the primary one used for muscle mass growth. Primobolan Depot is used during pre-competition training to make muscles harder and more defined.  It is mostly used during the cutting cycle and as a part of coming off anabolic steroids.   

Primobolan characteristic and dosage 

Primobolan Depot is supplied as tablets and ampoules, however, it is usually not taken orally because of this form has low effect.  The product has almost no side effects, its androgenic activity level is low. If a bodybuilder uses only this medicine during a cycle, he or she won’t gain a considerable amount of muscle mass. On the other hand, the effect will last long and won’t fade away after the end of the cycle.  

One of Primobolan Depot’s properties is that it doesn’t hinder endogenous testosterone production if you use minimum doses between the cycles. This, the effect reached during the anabolic steroid cycles will be maintained and the endocrine system will recover. 

The medicine’s mild anabolic effect makes it necessary to use for no less tan 8 weeks. Optimal injection dosage is 400 mg weekly, PCT is also recommended after the third week of using Primobolan.  This medicine is permissible for women, but the dosage shouldn’t exceed 200-400 mg per week, the cycle itself shouldn’t last more than for 4 weeks. The best combination for women is Primobolan depot + oxandrolone.

Where to buy Primobolan

You can buy Primobolan used to increase muscle strength and definition in our  online store at a profitable price. To do it, it’s enough to view the product and add to it to the Cart. Please provide your personal data and address when placing an order and you will get it within the shortest possible time – our manager will contact you once your request is processed. You can pay upon delivery (minimum order price is $50) or use a banking card.   

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