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An opportunity to stimulate muscle growth and increase stamina is what makes this type of medicines popular among  athletes, especially those lifting weights and doing powerlifting. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for development and maintenance of a male body. You can buy it at an affordable price in our online store and get it shipped within the USA.

As a rule, the body produces sufficient amount of this hormones, but it’s not enough for those who work out hard. In this case, they need injections that increase testosterone levels. 

The most well-known kinds of this compound:

  • cypionate – an anabolic steroid with the most long-lasting effect;
  • propionate – the most popular one in the anabolic steroid market, enjoys the highest demand;
  • enanthate - compound testosterone esters;
  • testosterone suspensions – anabolic steroids, pure testosterone, water-based solution.  

It’s important to combine working on particular muscle groups regularly with using medicines that increase testosterone production.   

Testosterone propionate injections help to increase lean muscle mass considerably and boost your strength, they have a strong fat burning effect, boost sex drive and prevent heart diseases. No wonder that this medicine has high demand among the bodybuilders: it’s possible to buy Testosterone propionate both in a drugstore and in our online store!     

Unlike Testosterone propionate,  Testosterone enanthate has an even stronger effect in terms of lean muscle mass growth, its use also leads to a considerable weight gain because of water retention. All in all, it has the same properties that other medicines have.      

Testosterone cypionate’s specific property is the length of its effect –it lasts for 16 days. This medicine helps to increase strength and muscle mass, boosts appetite, increases muscle protein synthesis and improves potency.  

The suspension doesn’t contain esters such as enanthate, propionate and etc. It has hear disease prevention effect, helps to increase lean muscle mass and make the muscles more defined, stimulates potency and increases strength.   

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Any of medicines listed above are available in the catalogue of our online store. You need to choose a product and place an order online or contact our manager to buy anabolic testosterone with PayPal in Portland and the USA. 

We mail your order with testosterone of any brand (Balkan Pharm, SP Labs etc.) worldwide!

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