Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone suspension description   

Many athletes use anabolic steroids to make workouts more effective.  Aquatest (testosterone suspension) by Balkan enjoys especially high demand. You can find it in this category of our online store. This water-based testosterone suspension has no ester residue. Its effect is immediate because 100 mg of its active ingredient are equal to 100 mg of «pure» testosterone. T

estosterone suspension was the first anabolic steroid – it was invented as early as in 30s of the last century.  

Testosterone suspension characteristics

In general, Testosterone suspension (Aquatest) has the same effect on the body as other forms of testosterone:   

  • increases muscle mass growth;

  • makes muscles harder and more defined;  

  • increases strength;

  • has burning effect;

  • prevents heart diseases.

However, unlike other products of this type,  Aquatest has a short elimination half-life (testosterone blood level remains high fir just 2-3 days) and its anabolic effect is almost immediate  - you can feel it the next day after you start using the medicine.  

Another important aspect is its affordability: if you need testosterone suspension, you should know that its price on our site is really profitable.     

You need to get Aquatest injections every day to get the best result.    

Daily dosage is – 50-100 mg. Course duration is 4-5 weeks. Aquatest may be mixed with other water- and oil-based antibiotic medicines in the same syringe. You can use Aquatest with Vitamin B12,  lidocaine and novocaine to reduce pain.

How to buy Aquatest

If you need testosterone suspension, you buy it in the US in our  online store. We provide a convenient shipping service:  the orders of $600 and more are shipped for free.    

There’re several payment methods you can use to pay for testosterone suspension: a banking card or Bitcoin.

We sell original anabolic steroids and other sports medicine products for athletes, supplied by the global brands. We regularly run promos and special offers that allow to make profitable purchases on our site.  

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