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Trenbolone description 

Increasing muscle mass is a very important task for an athlete, and Trenbolone can do a great you’re your can order it in a steroid online store MyMuscle. Buy this anabolic steroid supplied as ampoules  at affordable price and get it shipped   

How it works 

As a rule, Trenbolone isn’t used alone. It should be combined with  testosterone . A variety of combinations is used to prolong its effect. When your get an injection, the product’s esters are slowly broken down by lipases and the active ingredient slowly gets into the bloodstream. The product has a strong anabolic effect, it increases muscle mass and strength. But it should be used carefully because of potential side effects. 

Product combinations

Trenbolone mix (Tri-Tren) contains a combination of esters of acetates,  hex and enanthate. If you decide to buy it, use it for 6-8 weeks. Get one injection weekly, the dosage is 200-300 mg.  We offer the following options:

Trenbolone acetate has a strong androgenic and anabolic effect. It’s effect doesn’t last long, so you will need to get injections frequently. Cycle length is 6 weeks. Get injections every second day, the dosage is 100 mg per day.  You can buy the following types of this medicine in our store:

Trenbolone hex has a mid-term effect. Cycle length is 8 weeks, the weekly dosage is 200 mg, get an two equally spaced injections per week.  We can provide your with the following options:   

Trenbolone enanthate has a long-term effect, so you don’t need to get injections daily.  Get an injections per week (the weekly dosage is 300 mg) for 8 weeks. It’s recommended to use gonadotropin as well after the 15th day of the cycle. You can buy the following types of this medicine in our store:

Trenbolone takes place of pride in bodybuilding. Muscle quality and strength that the athletes gain is the best proof of its effectiveness.   

Trenbolone price and where to buy the product

You can order this anabolic medicine in our sports medicine online store right on the site or after a manager via Telegram or WhatsApp.

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