Stanozolol 10 ml 50 mg Cygnus

Stanozolol 10 ml 50 mg Cygnus

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Winstrol (Stanozolol) – is one of relatively cheap and the most popular anabolic steroids. Moreover, it’s on the list of the safest medicines. Winstrol has no side effects such as water retention and helps to build quality muscles.  

The main properties of  Stanozolol Cygnus:

- building of good quality muscle   

- burning subcutaneous fat

- no aromatization 

- muscle definition improvement 

- strength and development stamina  

Half-life period – 1 day  

Optimal dosage - 50 mg/day

Course duration - 6 weeks

Examples of courses of steroids with the use of Winstrol:    

Beginner cycle:

25 mg – 50mg of Winstrol per day for 6-8 weeks   

PCT – in a day after you get the last Winstrol injection   

The result is 3-4kg of lean muscles that you should gain during the course.  There’re high risks to damage joints during the course if WInstrol, as well as any other course where Winstrol is used, that’s why we recommend you to take omega fatty acids and cartilage protector, as well as to be careful when lifting weights

Lean muscle mass cycle:

50 mg of Winstrol every second day for 6-8 weeks.

50–100м mg of Testosterone propionate every second day for 6-8 weeks.

PCT – three days later after you get the last Testosterone propionate injection   

Testosterone propionate helps to provide the joints with lubrication fluid and the body androgenic support. 

Advanced cycle:

75-100 mg of Trenbolone acetate every second day for 6 weeks  

100 mg of Winstrol daily for 6 weeks   

50–100mg of  Testosterone propionate every second day for 6 weeks.

PCT – three days later after you get the last Testosterone propionate injection    

It should be mentioned that Stanozolol  combined with Testosterone propionate is an ideal option for coming  off long-lasting steroid courses, meaning that you still have 2-3 weeks after withdrawal, when the residual active ingredient will still be active in the blood and will still have a low anabolic effect and  will still suppress endogenous testosterone production. 

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