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The use of pharmacological solutions in professional bodybuilding is an inalienable part of high achievements, and products like Eli Lilly have been showing their effectiveness for many years. This pharma company produces high-quality medications and some of them are used by athletes.   

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Brand’s products

Eli Lilly was founded in the distant year of 1876. At first, it was a small laboratory that produced medications in gelatine capsules. The company began to produce a product called Succus Alterans in 1883: it was successfully used to treat venereal diseases. This medication lets a company get to a completely new development level.   

In 1921, Eli Lilly was the first one to begin producing insulin and remained one of the leaders in this area for decades. In 1940s, it began to produce penicillin, and then erythromycin and vancomycin. Successful production of antibiotics let the company’s turnover exceed $1 billion. It had more than 23 000 employees and absorbed a lot of other medical firms – Eli Lilly turned into a huge concern.    

In 1982, humulin (human insulin) was developed thanks to genetic engineering. In 1987, fluoxetine (Prozac) emerged as a medication for treating depression. In 1992, the sales volume of Prozac exceeded $1 billion.   

As for the drugs used by athletes, especially bodybuilders, Lilly Humatrope - recombinant human growth hormone - enjoys the highest demand. Bodybuilders began to use Humatrope because it boosts the natural production of somatropin, thus leading to muscle mass growth.       

How to buy products by Eli Lilly

You can order sports pharmacological solutions in our online store with the help of a feedback form. You can learn about Eli Lilly products’ characteristics and prices in every product’s card. You can pay upon receipt or use your bank card.