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With the help of steroids, athletes notice for themselves a fairly rapid gain of muscle mass. By the way, this effect is also very valuable in situations where it is necessary to treat people who have lost weight due to some disease. MSD Organon products are effective medications for athletes who want to improve their results. Organon recently separated from the MSD company, which allowed it to focus on the production of specific medications.

Organon MSD for Athletes

The company produces a variety of medications, including specialized products for athletes. You can find steroids and other effective substances used by athletes all over the world. 

Steroid preparations from Organon are modern oil-based hormonal preparations. This drug contains a mixture of four esters of varying lengths of action. Among bodybuilders, MSD Organon steroid products are considered the most popular products, which help to rapidly increase the level of the male hormone in the blood. Therefore, if testosterone in your body is produced in small quantities, buying steroids is something that will solve the problem.

Features of the drug

Organon steroids, such as Sustanon, are injectable anabolics. Like all testosterone-based steroids, they have a typical strongly pronounced androgenic activity. However, at the same time, you should not equate the drug with other anabolics. Why? It's simple: it has four esters of the male hormone:

  • phenylpropionate;

  • propionate;

  • isocaproate;

  • decanoate.

In turn, this makes it many times more valuable for all professional athletes. The prolonged effect of the drug is due to the fact that each of its individual components has a different duration of absorption into the bloodstream. Accordingly, such a drug, even if it is rarely injected, will work perfectly.