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Do onions and onion juice benefits testosterone?
28 Марта 2022
There is plenty of research aimed at maintaining and enhancing testosterone levels in men. There are various methods to achieve the result including drugs, injections, and dietary supplements. But what about food? Can an ordinary meal impact the level of male hormones? For instance, do onions increase testosterone?
Difference between prohormones and steroids
26 Марта 2022
You can hardly imagine bodybuilding without steroids and prohormones. These substances are both used in medicine. If we speak about their benefits, we’ll see that the result is almost the same but the risks of side effects are different and some of the products are banned in most countries. Thus an athlete should consider consumption and follow the recommendations accurately. The abuse or misuse can cause serious health issues instead of the expected positive result.
History of anabolic steroids
22 Марта 2022
Even though an athlete can increase his muscle mass without steroids and achieve quite professional results, almost any bodybuilder takes the drugs which help to gain the needed strength faster and more efficiently. Being not involved in competitive bodybuilding, a man can take them to improve his appearance and health. What do we know about steroids? What is history of steroids in sports?
Can you workout while intermittent fasting?
18 Марта 2022
Nutrition is very important when we speak about bodybuilding. There are plenty of dietary strategies developed for athletes but they cannot guarantee that the result will be just as it is expected even if one precisely follows the instructions. You can try high fat diets or high protein diets, which efficiency is based on the scientific arguments and supported with personal experiences of other athletes. But we are afraid that you will find them not so positive as they say due to a range of side effects. Probably, the only neutral and simple method to get rid of the excess weight is a fast.
Most nutritious nuts for bodybuilding
08 Февраля 2022
Nuts are considered as “superfoods”. There is some truth to this. It is highly recommended to add them to ration because they are packed with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins which contribute to bodybuilding a lot.