Difference between prohormones and steroids

26 Mar 2022

Difference between prohormones and steroids

You can hardly imagine bodybuilding without steroids and prohormones. These substances are both used in medicine. If we speak about their benefits, we’ll see that the result is almost the same but the risks of side effects are different and some of the products are banned in most countries. Thus an athlete should consider consumption and follow the recommendations accurately. The abuse or misuse can cause serious health issues instead of the expected positive result.

Prohormones are…

The prohormones are aimed at developing of an active hormone. Being delivered to the body, these substances interfere into production of natural hormones. But they have nothing in common with a hormone itself. They were invented in the middle of the 20th century. The first substance of this kind appeared thanks to chemist P.Arnold and was named as 1-AD. When a patient takes it, the test shows the higher testosterone levels in his body.

Though, very soon the scientists proved that they do harm to a human which could be compared with the consequences of the use of anabolic steroids. The patient start suffering from HP, liver issues, low testosterone in a post cycle. As a result, in 2004 it was forbidden to purchase prohormones. They became illegal in most countries. But now you can find the advanced products coming with a minor risk.

Still even the advanced variants are not as efficient as AAS which can be considered much simpler products using a more direct route to achieve the result targeting specific receptors in muscle to provoke an expected response.

Steroids are…

Our body produces hormones all the time. The testosterone, glucocorticoids, and others perform the particular important functions. Synthetic steroids are just substitutes of natural analogues. They have a particular structure and are divided into two classes:

1.      corticosteroids being used in the medical field in order to treat inflammation;

2.      anabolic steroids are used more often in bodybuilding.

Both types can lead to physical dependence and that is why they should be taken under medical supervision in accordance with the recommendations as to the dosage and duration. If an athlete cannot cancel intake of steroids when it is required, he will experience severe side effects.

There are legal steroids which a healthy athlete can take to enhance his physique. They have just the same functions but without being so aggressive and harmful. The athlete is able to get his gains without compromising on his health.

What is the difference?

The prohormone and steroid differ from each other with an operating mechanism. They are not available as easy as you’d like. The point is that in some countries, they are banned and people buy them at the black market without any guarantees of their quality. That may lead to severe side effects. Thus, if you buy the steroids at the reputable store only supplied by trusted producers and distributors, you will gain!

So, as we have said steroids exist as a compound in their original state and have a particular structure. They can be found in plants and animals. While prohormones exist only in a human as an intermediate option which is able to transform to the form of hormones.

If we compare their effects, we’d say that they do almost the same tasks:

·         improve performance, make building of muscle mass easier and faster;

·         contribute to muscles recovery after a workout;

·         help with a perfect body definition.

We can compare their side effects which are not the same.

If an athlete takes prohormones, he may suffer from:

·         acne and irritated skin;

·         headaches;

·         decrease in libido;

·         suppression and depression;

·         development of breasts in men;

·         HP;

·         and some others.

If an athlete misuses steroids, he may suffer from:

·         almost the same problems with the skin;

·         liver issues;

·         virilization in women;

·         and some others.

It is clear that prohormones come with the highest risk. Also, you should understand that the consequences depend on dosage, health condition, age of an athlete, and duration of the treatment.

If you have no clue what should be preferred: steroids and prohormones, we’d say, that the quality steroids are better for a range of reasons. They are easy to administer, act faster because they are more efficient and safe. You can start with a low dose and less aggressive steroids, continue with a number of cycles to see whether it helps you to achieve your goals and then you can increase the dose, add some other products after a medical consultation. Ensure that you know how steroids interact with meal and alcohol to avoid any consequences. If you want to benefit from steroids to the highest extent, you should consume enough protein following the correct dietary regimen and exercise regularly.