Do onions and onion juice benefits testosterone?

28 Mar 2022

Do onions and onion juice benefits testosterone?

There is plenty of research aimed at maintaining and enhancing testosterone levels in men. There are various methods to achieve the result including drugs, injections, and dietary supplements. But what about food? Can an ordinary meal impact the level of male hormones? For instance, do onions increase testosterone?

About onions

Onion is the product everybody uses in food preparations. Such a basic vegetable is full of health benefits. But let’s start from the very beginning. Onion is a vegetable which comes with an underground bulb and green leaves growing above the ground. Both parts are fit for human consumption in their raw form and can be used in cooking too. The onion is rich in various vitamins, minerals, has a sharp taste and strong flavor. And you will certainly cry when you peel the onion skins off. It happens because of allyl sulfate included as a compound of the vegetable.

There are even more benefits of onion:

1.      It contains over 25 flavonoids acting as antioxidants. Also, they are able to reduce inflammation. Delivered to the body regularly, these compounds are even able to prevent certain cancers, to support the heart, to improve bones decreasing the probability of hip fracture.

2.      It can boast of strong antibacterial properties and that means it is used to treat colds and some bacteria like Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Especially the longer stored onion has more quercetin which inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

3.      It is packed with fiber which is very good for gut health. Though it also contains the type of fiber which is not tolerated by some people. So, you should know your peculiarities. While probiotics, which the onion has, improve digesting.

4.      Onion does not contain fats (a medium bulb has about 44 calories) but as we have already mentioned, it is rich in antioxidant flavonoids. So, when you eat onion or drink its juice, you improve metabolism and, as a result, lose weight.

5.      You may make a juice from onion being high in C, B vitamins and zinc to boost immunity.

In addition to the above mentioned and other advantages of this vegetable, we should say that it is not as good as it could be for everybody. There can be an allergy to onions. It irritates the digestive system and is not recommended to the patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases.

Onions and testosterone

They say, you can even try to boost testosterone levels by drinking a raw onion juice. We’d say that this is hardly a good idea because the sharp flavor and horrible taste will spoil the things and will follow you for several days after the treatment course is over. Still, you can try if the above does not matter for you.

When is an increase in testosterone needed? There are some health issues which require interference when the natural hormone is not produced in a sufficient amount. It is vital to consult with a medical professional on this subject. Another reason for a male hormone boost is bodybuilding. If an athlete wants to increase muscle mass and strength, he should think of a way to add some testosterone to the body. He can take anabolic steroids or analogues which help to gain in this regard. But the steroids cost a lot and come with a range of various side effects. Do onions boost testosterone?

This assumption is made because they suppose that onion is a potent aphrodisiac which is able to contribute to a proper erectile function in male during sexual intercourse as well as to an increase in stamina. The point is that onions include a lot of phytochemicals, strengthening the immune system and stimulating the endocrine glands. Thus, it increases production of natural testosterone in the body. There are the related published scientific articles on this subject.

Testosterone is a sex hormone which takes part in developing of male reproductive organs, muscle mass, and body hair. When there is a deficiency of testosterone in males, the physicians detect certain disorders like male infertility, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, mood instability, and cardiovascular disease. So, it is important to preserve this hormone in males with the drugs or even dietary supplements and food.

There are direct studies with the onion juice. Some of them prove its impact and the others do not show the evidence that onions increase testosterone. While it is proved that this vegetable can be used as an aphrodisiac food as far as it increases libido. Opinions are divided!

It is obvious that onions have a lot of health benefits being packed with nutrients and efficient compounds helping to avoid a range of health issues. Probably, onion juice increases testosterone but the effect is not proved by researches completely. Anyway, there are so many reasons to add it to a dietary regimen of bodybuilders and other sportsmen that you can assume that it contributes to an increase in muscle mass through boosting the testosterone levels.