HGH dosage. How to choose proper HGH dosage?

17 Aug 2017

HGH dosage. How to choose proper HGH dosage?

Choosing a proper HGH dosage  

Many beginning athletes, as well as those who have a lot of athletic experience but have never tried enhancers, are aimed at improving their athletic performance but don’t know what HGH dosage would be correct for them. This article is written to fill the gap in your knowledge. You will also learn about the factors influencing HGH dosage and the dosages that meet your needs. 

A list of factors influencing HGH dosage: 

  • Your experience and current body characteristics. 

  • Your health situation.

  • Other medications used.

  • Your weight and the body fat percentage.

  • Cycle length and administration mode.

  • Your financial situation

The first step is to define what your purpose is. The effects produced by HGH are similar in general, but the dosage matter: their intensity directly depends on how much Growth Hormone is taken.  

2-3 IUs – should be used for joint strengthening, building healthy bones and improving the skin, and with ipamorelin peptide as well as for anti-aging growth hormone peptide therapy

4-8 IUs – good option for building lean muscle and losing a significant amount of fat.     

8-15 IUs – this dosage helps to build great muscles and gives the body a shredded look. 

Of course, only taking HGH can’t help you to achieve good results. A proper diet plan and exercise also matter.   

How HGH dosage depends on experience 

To begin with, your experience isn’t the main factor: the overall performance level you’ve already achieved will play a critical part. If you’ve never used HGH before, your body might be weaker and less resistant to HGH, thus, you can start with just 4 -6 IUs. Those who have experience (and probably already know their dosages) need to take more HGH, up to 10 IUs. That’s not the limit, but higher dosages are administrated by the professionals.  

Cycle length 

The principle is the following: short cycles require higher HGH dosages. Ideally, the cycle should last for 3-4 months. You can reduce it to just a couple of months, let’s say if it’s a cutting cycle.  

Shorter cycles + higher dosages (1-2 months) can help to improve joint & cartilage health, to heal injuries and to improve the skin. Healthier cartilages will also let you become stronger.  This is also a good option for cutting because HGH doesn’t allow you to lose muscle mass when you keep a strict low-carb diet (the most complicated issue everyone faces when trying to lose fat) and also has a strong fat burning effect.  

According to the research, the fat-burning rate was 30% higher in the women who used HGH than in those who only kept a diet [1].   

Longer cycles + lower dosages can help a bodybuilder to achieve better results thanks to an opportunity to gain a lot of muscle mass without gaining fat. Hyperplasia has a role to play as well: HGH induces muscle cell division thanks to it. As a result, you can expand the limit to muscle growth.  [picture]

Another outstanding value of long cycles is an opportunity to get better skin, hair and nails and to heal the injuries.  

Remember about the difference in HGH intensity that depends on the cycle length when you choose the course duration. You should also take into account that the long-term use of HGH can lead to antibody response that results in the reduction of hormone efficiency.  

Dosage and administration of HGH (ED, EOD, 3TW)

You can take HGH every day, every second day or three times a week. You can also get several injections or just one injection every day. Most of the athletes prefer the first option and believe it to be the most effective because it allows to maintain HGH and IGF levels, thus facilitating muscle gain and fat loss. 

Interestingly, taking HGH every other day helps to gain more muscle mass, although this phenomenon is still poorly understood. What is clear is that this regimen makes cutting cycles less effective: changes in FFA (free fatty acid) levels prevent you from fat loss. But this is a good option for those who can’t afford taking the drug daily and those who prefer longer cycles (6 months) and want to reduce diabetes risks. 

 HGH is administrated 3 times a week to treat the children who suffer from HGH deficiency, it also helps to reduce antibody response in those who administrate for several years running. 

Should you divide your daily HGH dosage?

 Yes, you should. Here’re 3 reasons to do so:

  • Getting 2 injections daily helps to maintain HGH and IGF-1 levels, making the drug use more effective.   

  • It may be hard for your liver to converse big amounts of HGH to IGF-1 because our bodies are designed to experience just 5-7 HGH secretion peaks daily.  If the liver fails, the unconverted hormone will be destroyed.     

  • Dividing your dosage helps to reduce SIDE EFFECTS

What’s the connection between body weight, percentage of body fat and HGH dosage?

Your body weight in general and the muscle mass in particular directly affect the effects you can get using HGH. The more blood there is in the body, the more exact HGH measurements are. The difference in people who have 5 l of blood (weight is 70 kg) and 7l of blood (weight is 100 kg) reaches as much as 30%, thus, the effectiveness rate will differ in the same way.  

HGH, AAS and insulin stack   

HGH itself is definitely powerful enough, but using it with other drugs (such as steroids or insulin) can lead to different effects. Changes in the dosage of one or all of the drugs you take can also change the result in the way you want.  

The proportions should as follows:

If you use only HGH, take 10 IUs per day

HGH+insulin dosage is different: 6-10 IUs of HGH + 10-15 IUs of insulin

HGH+insulin+testosterone = 5-7 IU of HGH +10-15 IU of Insulin + 500 mg of Test-E/week

The principle is the bigger the number of taken drugs is, the smaller amount of each of them is needed to get the desired effect. If you use several drugs at the same time, you use HGH to keep your muscle lean and to lose fat, while steroids or insulin help you to build muscle.  

HGH dosage and health situation  

HGH side effects are considered to be mild, but they still exist, so you should take them into account when deciding to use HGH (you can learn more
about HGH side effects here):

  • Blood sugar. You might want to pass a blood sugar test before taking HGH because the drug can cause pancreas problems and diabetes. You shouldn’t administrate GH if your blood relatives have diabetes. Take up to 10 UIs of HGH if your test result is 4-6 mmol/l and don’t use exogenous insulin. Higher levels require a more thoughtful examination.

  • High blood pressure. HGH usage is likely to lead  to water retention and increased blood pressure. If you have any blood pressure issues,  use only pharmaceutical-grade HGH (such as Jintropin or Ansomone). The mentioned drugs have milder side effects. Be careful and increase the dosage gradually to prevent water retention.

Cancer. Learn more about it in the article about side effects. To put it in a nutshell, HGH doesn’t provoke cancer, but it can speed up tumor development if you already have it. Thus, you shouldn’t use HGH is you or your blood relatives have cancer or related problems.  

HGH and its affordability 

Last but not least. HGH is expensive. It often happens that a bodybuilder has a limited amount of money to spend on the drug, that’s why you should choose the best cost-to-quality growth hormone. If you buy HGH produced by unknown manufactures, you put both your health and money and risk. Underground products tend to have peptides instead of HGH in their formula.