HGH for bodybuilding

17 Aug 2017

HGH for bodybuilding

HGH and Peptides & Bodybuilding

Human growth hormones has been going upscale as a solution to gain athletic advantage and build lean muscles, so a correct way to use it a burning issue nowadays. Let us delve into the background of HGH use: the effects it has on bodybuilders, its dosages, course duration, exercise & diets.   

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The effects of HGH on the body   

HGH was originally synthesized for children diagnosed with GH deficiency and some other conditions, but it happened to reasonably gain popularity among tes, especially those who are bodybuilders, thanks to its following properties:

  • Ability to boost muscle growth, speeding up protein synthesis.

  • Combination of fat burning and muscle building effects.    

  • Positive effect on cartilage health.

  • Mild side effects

Human growth hormone for injury recovery

Once received as injection, HGH goes to the liver to  be converted to IGF-1 that boosts muscle growth by speeding up protein synthesis. In fact, this is one of two main effects the bodybuilders are aimed at. 

Another important effect is fat burning which is achieved thanks to HGH binding to specific receptors leading to FFA level increase: consequently,  the fat is used as a source of energy. 

These are two individual processes, what makes HGH a great enhancer, because it has both cutting and bulking up effects at the same time.

 It also provokes hyperplasia, or an increase in myofibre amount, thus making the effect last for a long time and allowing a bodybuilder to gain more muscle mass that he or she is genetically able to.

Human growth hormone for muscle building

HGH made a revolution in the bodybuilding world. Dorian Yates, later followed by Ronnie Coleman, was its first fruit. When winning the 1992 Mr. Olympia, D. Yates competed at an incredible lean 270 pounds. This unprecedented, never-before-seen result was achieved thanks to a combination of exercise and use of HGH. A few years later, Ronnie Coleman won Mr. Olympia at 297 pounds, joining the so-called “mass monsters”.Human growth hormone helped athletes to win, HGH allowed them to reach unprecedented lean weight. Also, hyperplasia expanded the limits of maximum possible muscle hypertrophy. 

Bodybuilding kept evolving and the athletes’ physique became absolutely different in a mere decade: they are more powerfully built than ever before, unprecedentedly ripped and boast of huge popping up veins and a dozen kilos heavier.

Human growth hormone supplements

Nevertheless, overdoing is harmful when it comes to taking enhancing supplements. HGH abuse can cause a lot of side effects, including bloated belly and short bowel syndrome. An important point is that these effects are caused by abuse of multiple supplements (insulin, HGH, steroids and overeating), thus, an amateur aimed at performance improvement who takes 5-15 IU of HGH is very unlikely to have these problems.  

How bodybuilders use HGH 

Now let’s turn to the aspects of cycle length, combining growth hormone with other enhancers and choosing the right diet and exercise during the cycle

Cycle length 

HGH should be administrated for no less than 2 weeks to get the first results, but you will see the pronounced ones in about 2 months – that’s the shortest possible cycle. Ideally, it should last for 3-4 months. Longer cycles require smaller dosages of HGH.   

Human growth hormone for adults dosage

HGH dosage starts with 4 IU. If you have never tried to use HGH as an enhancer before, 4-6 IU will be enough for you to build lean muscle mass. You can increase the dosage to up to 15 IU per day in the future: the HGH effectiveness directly correlates with the dosage. If your dosage exceeds 10 UI, add insulin injections to prevent potential pancreas issues and diabetes.

Here you can find more information about the dosage of HGH.

Proper time for HGH injections

Low blood sugar & insulin levels ensure the best effect of GHG, thus, take it in the morning, before meal. If it’s your cutting cycle, the morning is also a good time for running because the FFA level will remain high for the following 3 hours, meaning that you will have a chance to lose more fat. But no matter whether it’s a cutting or a bulking cycle, get the first injection after you wake up.

The next is to come 6-8 hrs later or before sleeping. There won’t be any difference thanks to lower IGF-1 and HGH levels.  

HGH administration 

HGH is usually administered every day or every second day and both options have benefits and drawbacks, so let’s have a closer look.

Getting injections every day produces better effect thanks to the maintenance of similar HGH level, thus, you can build better muscle and lose more fat.  

But getting injections every second day is an option if getting them daily is impossible for you due to any reason, although it will require a longer cycle. 

Moreover, you can use both of these methods to outweigh their disadvantages and benefit from their advantages.  

How to stack steroids and insulin with HGH  

HGH injections work well enough, but combining them with other enhancers such as steroids and insulin may help to achieve better results.  

To achieve the synergy effect for protein synthesis boost, use HGH with insulin. The only issue is that insulin impedes fat burning that should be boosted by HGH. Get insulin injections 30 minutes later after a HGH injection. Also, insulin injections are a must if your HGH dosage exceeds 10 IU. Insulin injections require careful attitude: insulin can provoke hypoglycemic coma that may be fatal. Start with 2 IU of insulin and then gradually switch to higher dosages.  

One more option is steroids. Their anabolic potency is stronger than HGH’s one, so combining them will bring a good result and build lean muscle mass. Meanwhile,  HGH will prevent you from gaining excess fat.

Here is how you can use them together.

The bulking cycle:

  • HGH (6-12 IU) + Testosterone enanthate, cypionate or Sustanon (250-1000 mg/week) for 8-10 weeks

  • HGH (6-12 IU) + Dbol (30-50 mg/day) or Tbol for 6-8 weeks

The cutting cycle:

Use the steroids such as Winstrol and Anavar: the products you choose should help you to lose fat.  

HGH (4-8 IU) + 50 mg of Winstrol/ Anavar

The best diet for HGH cycle

The main principle of your diet is eating as much food as possible: HGH prevents fat gain, thus, the calories consumed will be used to build muscle. The protein ratio should be up to 3g/kg. Don’t forget about tons of carbohydrates. Fast food isn’t restricted  but remember that abuse is unacceptable. 

You should eat every 2-3 hours so that your anabolism could remain high. Weight gainers are also acceptable and can be taken between meals. 

If you face low appetite problem (HGH boosts blood sugar level, leading to appetite reduction), use supplements for appetite improvement.  

Choosing HGH brand 

The goal is to choose an affordable and high-quality HGH brand because as a bodybuilder you will need large  HGH dosages. Have a look at Jintropin, Norditropin and Ansomone. Their advantages are the best purity levels (95-99%) and comparatively lower price.