HGH for Weight Loss: How to Use It?

18 Jul 2017

HGH for Weight Loss: How to Use It?

Human growth hormone and weight loss

This time, we will consider the theory & practice of HGH use for weight loss purposes. Learn about the ways which HGH impacts weight loss process in and the methods to use it as an individual enhancer and combined with other substances. We will also consider the diet plans suitable for  HGH use.   

The theory goes first. 

  • What makes HGH popular?

  • What’s its effect on the body fat?

  • Should one keep a diet to burn fat if he or she takes HGH?

  • How about the results?

These are practical issues to consider.

  • How should I take HGH to lose weight?

  • What diets are better when you take HGH as an enhancer?

  • What should my workouts be like when I take HGH?

  • What else can help to burn fat when I use HGH?   

  • The best HGH brands to choose from.   

 Why does HGH grow in popularity?

It’s not secret that not only experienced professionals, but also beginning athletes reasonably like using HGH. It’s easy to explain: 

  • HGH’s fat burning effect speeds up losing weight;   

  • No diet needed. Seems to be weird, doesn’t it? That’s not what we all are used to, but that’s the reality. You can get rid of excess fat even when without reduction of your daily calorie intake, HGH will transform the fat into energy anyway and spend it.  

  • No muscle loss thanks to anti-catabolic effect of HGH.

Moderate adverse effects. At least, unless you overdose. If the dosages are moderate, it’s most likely that it won’t damage your health.


Body fat & HGH influence: what’s the mechanism? 

HGH proves its name because it helps you to build muscle, but its other function is reducing the body fat rate. Here’s why:

  • It uses fat deposits. When administrated, the hormone interacts with certain receptors. It transforms fat into FFA (free fatty acids) so that your body could use them as a source of energy once they are processed by the liver.   

  • It accelerates FFA oxidation. FFA oxidation is a part of the weight loss mechanism, used by HGH. More details will be provided further. In short, mitochondria break down FFA to transform the acids into energy that will be used by the body instead of the energy that it could get from carbs.  HGH’s function here intensifying the process.  

  • HGH boosts your metabolic rate. First, let’s define the metabolic rate: it represents your energy budget.  HGH injections increase it at least by 20%, in other words,  you will burn 20% calories more than usual. 

Do HGH users need any diets?

As surprising at may sound, no, they don’t.  

How to reduce body fat by taking HGH   

BFP, or body fat percentage (essential and storage body fat) is an important factor in the weight loss process, this is what a bodybuilder should measure prior to taking any enhancers. The administration mode depends on your fat loss plans.   

Let’s say that your BFP is 15%. The desired result is 7-9%. Thus, the best solution for you is choosing a longer cycle (the one lasting for three or four months) with low HGH dosage (4-5 IUs). Have a look at those numbers: you’re going to lose lots of fat, so I have to give your body more time on burning it. Consequently, shorter cycles aren’t a good choice. 

But the administration mode is completely different for those whose BFP is low (8-10%), who are aimed at getting a shredded look. The right dosage for them to burn fat effectively is 6-10 IUs. At this stage, a strict diet is  a must. In this case, HGH will have two important effects: muscle mass loss prevention and acceleration of fat burning.  

HGH administration

HGH is mostly taken daily or every second day. Daily intake facilitates weight loss while both options are good for building muscle. Injecting HGH daily or even 2 times a day is a good idea because the HGH level remains high for four or five hours after you get an injection, thus, if you maintain its level, it makes losing fat easier. It’s better to get the first injection in the morning: the morning is the time when the sugar blood level is low and HGH works better. Don’t eat before getting an injection. Get the next injection before bed or six or eight hours later after you got the first one.

What diet plan helps to boost HGH effect?  
Cutting diet plan does. No animal fats. No fast carbs. Gradually begin to eat fewer carbs, getting more proteins at the same time. You should eat often, every 3-4 hours. Don’t be afraid of strict diets: a strong anti-catabolic effect of HGH won’t let you lose muscle.  

Exercise & HGH

You need volume training (use lighter weights). The breaks should be short, the number of sets should be big.

Aerobic exercise is very important for obtaining a good result. It is especially effective in the morning, before meal, after you get a HGH injection. Start 30 min later after you get an injection – that’s when the FFA level increases and makes fatty acid oxidization easier.  Spend one hour running – it will be very helpful. Doing cardio frequently (5 times per week or more) is a key to a great result.    

Are there any fat burners to be combined with HGH to boost weight loss?   


L-carnitine itself can’t be called a really strong fat burner, but its effectiveness is much higher when it is used together with HGH. Combined with HGH, L-carnitine enhances its prosperities because it transports fatty acids to mitochondria for further oxidization and conversion to energy. Thus, HGH and L-carnitine can work together. This fat burner is good both for losing fat. It is also good for those aimed at building lean muscle.     

ECA (caffeine, ephedrine, aspirin)

ECA is proved to be the most powerful fat burning solution. It can  be combined with HGH. As a rule, bodybuilders combine mix 25 mg of Ephedrine, 250 mg of aspirin and 250 mg of caffeine. ECA’s function is to release noradrenalin that, in its turn, will influence alpha receptors in fat cells, boosting lipolysis. 


Clenbuterol reminds of ECA in terms of mechanism, but, unlike ECA, it targets beta receptors and its effectiveness is lower. On the other hand, most of the countries consider it legal. Clenbuterol also has an anti-catabolic effect.     

Can a bodybuilder use human growth hormone together with peptide hgh frag 176-191 or other fat burners? 

Yes. Remember the following:

  • It will take you at least 2 weeks to see the first HGH effects   

  • Clenbuterol can’t be used together with ECA because they affect the cardiovascular and the nervous systems in the same way

  • Using ECA or Clenbuterol for 2 weeks in a row reduces the effectiveness of these drugs.

  • L-carnitine can’t be used alone

  • A strict diet is a must for getting the best results

1-month cutting cycle 

Weeks 1-2: HGH (4-6 IUs) + ECA (twice a day) + L-carnitine (1,5 – 2 g).

Weeks 3-4: HGH (4-6 IUs) + Clenbuterol (40-120 mg daily; the dosage should be increased gradually) + L-carnitine (1,5 – 2 g).

After the cycle is over, you can have one more cycle. Replacing Clenbuterol with ECA and otherwise helps to increase the sensitivity of receptors, but HGH effectiveness will reduce anyway if it is taken for 6 months or if its purity level is low.  

What is the best HGH brand?  

The value for money factor is the key factor for choosing a HGH brand. Up to date,  Chinese original products such as Jintropin, Zptropin, Ansomone, Pharmatropin and etc. are the best in this regard. A Moldovan pharmaceutical company Vermodje officially manufactures HGH Vermotropin – this is one more option to consider.