Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark

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Novo Nordisk is a pharma company with the main office based in Denmark and a big number of branch offices all over the world. The brand has almost 100 years of history and is famous as one of the world’s largest insulin producers. The company’s specialists made a range of important discoveries in treating diabetes, hemophilia, and obesity during the period from 1923 to 2017.    

More about the brand and its history   

 «Nordisk Insulinlaboratorium» company was founded in 1923 – in two years after biosynthetic insulin was developed and in a year after Nobel laureate, August Krogh got permission to produce and sell it.  Later, a Danish physiologist disagreed with his colleagues, as a result, the company was split into two competing firms.  

It merged back into a single company only in 1989 – that’s how the brand Novo Nordisk entered the market. It took it several years to become a leader in medication production due to the active implementation of biotechnological innovations.

The company is still a pioneer in the market today. Thanks to a sophisticated quality control system, a wide distribution network and a variety of social initiatives, this trademark enjoys popularity and a high level of trust. Medical professionals and their patients, scientists, and customers speak well of Novo Nordisk’s products. The brand’s positive reputation is the result of not only research activity, but also of wise marketing strategy.

The company supplies its products to more than 165 countries of the world. According to the data gathered in 2016, about 28 million patients take diabetes medications and other pharma products by Novo Nordisk daily. In our online store, you can buy Norditropin – injectable growth hormone supplied as a single-use pen injector device for subcutaneous injections. It’d also be good to learn more about this product’s properties.    

Biopharmaceutical products from Denmark.   

This category includes two types of products: NovoSeven (Eptacogum alfa) and Norditropin (NordiLet and Simplexx). Thanks to high-quality and easy-to-use somatotropin, Novo Nordisk gained popularity among professional athletes and bodybuilders.

Growth hormone is an irreplaceable part of muscle definition development. It maintains required metabolic activity in the athlete’s body, slows down the processes of muscle tissue destruction, regulates the use of energy, and reduces subcutaneous fat. In addition, the product strengthens your immune system, helps to recover after injuries faster, and has a rejuvenating effect. You should take Norditropin carefully because the hormone increases glucose level. We recommend you to get expert advice