Anavar / Oxandrolone description

You should know that Oxandrolone, known as Anavar also, is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Only this androgenic steroid helps in getting the expected body weight without being harmful to an athlete’s health. The point is that the active component, Oxandrolone, is very safe and well tolerated by both male and female athletes. It comes in tabs which are taken easily as any other oral medicines. As a result, they boost muscle growth greatly without effort.

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Oxandrolone effects

Oxandrolone has a long story being invented about 50 years ago. It means the effect of this anabolic steroid is obvious and proved with scientific researches. There is an opinion that it does not have a negative impact on the human health if the prescribed dosing and duration are maintained. 

As far as this is an androgenic hormone, the medication boosts the protein production which is needed to build muscles. As a result, an athlete can increase his body weight much faster by being involved in regular workouts. If you compare Anavar with other androgenic-anabolic steroids (like synthetic testosterone), you will find it less androgenic having only half of the possible anabolic potency and the fourth part of the androgenic effect of, let’s say, methyltestosterone. This is about a very safe profile which makes it beneficial and secure to use it by female bodybuilders in a smaller dosage.  

The effect is as follows:

  • increased lean muscle mass, duration and strength;

  • improved muscle definition;

  • fast and easy fat burning;

  • stimulation of growth hormone secretion.

It is also used as a medication to help a patient to regain weight after surgery or protracted disease. The steroid does not do any harm to the liver and digestive system absorbing into the bloodstream almost immediately. Of course, the above effect is possible when this anabolic steroid is not abused. If it is misused, It will produce withdrawal symptoms lasting for several months, when an athlete stops administration. He can feel depressed, upset, and get tired very quickly.

How to use Oxandrolone

It is clear that an individual approach is required. Before you buy Oxandrolone online, you should have the professional consultation to figure our dosage and other details of the course to achieve your personal goals. Probably you want to improve your muscle definition. There are various combinations with other medicines which will lead you to the effect you want to have. Anyway the experts recommend not to exceed the course lasting 2 months with maximum dosage equal to 80 mg per day which can be split into two or three intakes. You should know that after the intake is over, there is a need for additional treatment (with tamoxifen, for instance) to restore natural testosterone production.  

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