Turinabol 100 tab 10 mg Prime Labs

Turinabol 100 tab 10 mg Prime Labs

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Turinabol is the best choice for beginner athletes because the ones who have just strated doing bodybuilding usually begin with short courses of oral steroids (6-8 weeks).   

The main properties of Turinabol :

- no aromatization 

- building good muscle mass   

- strength increase

- stamina improvement 

- muscle definition improvement 

- no water retention 

Half-life period - 16 hours

Optimal dosage - 40-80 mg/day

Course duration - 6-8 weeks

Turinabol can be combined with TestosteroneWinstrolBoldenone  Sustanon Trenbolone Peptides,  Primobolan , HGH

Clomed or Tamoxifenum will be enough for PCT.

Turinabol dosage pattern: it’s recommended to take turanabol balkan 20-30 minutes before a meal (as well as other oral steroids) with water, 10-20 mg at a time.

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