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Peptides in our stores are of exceptionally high quality and come directly from the manufacture and they are presented at the most affordable prices in Europe and the USA!

Peptides are substances based on molecules constructed from amino acid residues connected in a chain by peptide (amide) bonds.

They can be both natural and artificial compounds containing tens, hundreds or even thousands of links of amino acids. Peptides, whose course of application you can find on our store’s site, perform a large number of regulatory functions in the body.

Peptides have gained great popularity and prevalence among athletes, in cosmetology and medicine. Peptides have unique properties that not only preserve youth and health, but also stimulate and restore the body.

The question that often arises is why use peptides, if growth hormone is publicly available? The answer is quite simple - peptides have a number of fundamentally undeniable advantages over the growth hormone:

  • peptides’ prices are significantly lower than the growth hormone prices (the price of growth hormone course will be much higher)
  • the concentration of peptides in blood is controlled much more easily than of growth hormone, since peptides have different mechanisms of biological half-life (for this reason, it is possible to “control” their concentration in blood in order to achieve the strongest anabolic effect)
  • peptides have a wide range of influence on appetite and metabolism in general
  • at the moment, the production and sale of peptides has not yet been regulated by law, and therefore they can be easily purchased in the network
  • the products of peptides’ metabolism decay completely and rapidly and are excreted from the body and consequently no doping control can notice them.

Nowadays peptides’ prices in Europe and the USA have significantly decreased and they can be purchased by anyone who needs them. If you set yourself the goal to build up iron muscles - then your choice is peptides for weight, or in other words - peptides for muscle growth!

If you want to make the skin firm, improve the skin condition, reduce the layer of fat in the body - keep in mind that peptides will help you in solving these problems.The catalogs are very convenient in our online store, you will be able to find exactly the goods you really need there. In other words, you will have no difficulty to buy peptides in our store. We sell premium quality peptide preparations. Thus all the standards are observed during the product transportation and storage, so that peptides do not lose their unique useful properties.

The assortment contains peptides for the growth of lean muscles GHRP-2, GHRP-6, CJC-1295, CJC with DAC, Peg MGF, peptides for weight loss HGH frag, Tb-500, peptide for tanning Melanotan 2, and others.

In addition, we have free access to all the necessary materials about the kinds of peptides, how to dilute and keep peptides properly, and what ready-made peptide courses can be chosen and how to use peptides correctly to improve your sports achievements and tasks together with other preparations, for example, with anabolic steroids.

It is simple enough to verify the authenticity of peptides (like growth hormone). It is only necessary to make a test for the level of somatotropic hormone in the blood plasma after the application of the preparation.

In our store, we offer high quality products also available for sale!

We are sure that you will highly appreciate this!

You can calculate the dosage of peptides using a special calculator.

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