CJC-1295 (2 mg) Polypeptide

CJC-1295 (2 mg) Polypeptide

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CJC-1295 (2 mg) Polypeptide is a complex peptide widely used by bodybuilders. It is an injectable drug that provides a number of positive effects on the athlete's body. It is possible in case if athlete uses it correctly.

The functions of the CJC-1295 are:

·      provides an increase in muscle tissue;

·      increases bone density;

·      reduces the amount and volume of adipose tissue;

·      stabilizes sleep and the general state of the nervous system;

·      improves the quality of skin, hair, nails;

·      strengthens cartilage tissue.

Supplied in powder form. The dose is calculated depending on the person's body weight. It is better to consult a doctor before use. Possible short-term pain in the head, weakness, nausea after the injection.

CJC 1295 course 

The preparation combines perfectly with a large number of peptides (such as ghrp or ipamorelin) and anabolic steroids. In this case each individual component enhances the action of another, allowing you to achieve a more remarkable effect.

Recommend dosage of cjc 1295 is 1-2 mcg per kilogram body weight.

We have CJC-1295 (2 mg) Polypeptide available. We supply the drug directly from manufacturers and guarantee high quality products. This is confirmed by customer reviews.

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