Follistatin 315 (1 mg) PeptideSciences

Follistatin 315 (1 mg) PeptideSciences

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Follistatin 315 description

Follistatin 315 (1 mg) PeptideSciences is a unique drug aimed at the rapid growth of muscle mass in the athlete.

In general, it has a complex effect on the athlete's body, and this provides a broad consumer interest. Here you can buy Follistatin 315 (1 mg) PeptideSciences at a cheap price. We offer goods from the manufacturer without intermediaries. This helps ensure an affordable price tag.

Follistatin 315 provides:

·      rapid growth of high-quality muscle mass;

·      increasing the strength of the athlete;

·      fast burning of excess fat;

·      increased appetite of the athlete.

How to use follistatin

Recommend dosage is 100 mcg per day.May be combined with ipamorelin or tb 500.

The listed effects are possible in case of a correctly compiled course of intake, high-quality nutrition and a correct training process. Supplied in powder for injection. Minor side effects are possible, including allergic reactions, headache, and fever.

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