Gonadorelin (2 mg) Polypeptide

Gonadorelin (2 mg) Polypeptide

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Gonadorelin (2 mg) Polypeptide is a peptide needed to stimulate the body's production of testosterone. The drug is actively used by bodybuilders. It is prescribed as a drug for post-cycle therapy after taking anabolic steroids. Also, the drug improves the production of sperm and functioning of the genitals.

Gonadorelin must be taken due to doctor’s recommendations. The correct dosage and schedule are very important, which are developed individually. Wrong intake of the drug can cause headache, nausea, excess or lack of potency, allergies, and so on.

The effects of Gonadorelin use:

  • muscle growth;
  • increase of the testosterone level in blood;
  • improving the sexual life;
  • increase of endurance and strength.
  • great for PCT

Gonadorelin reviews show that during the course of the preparation the decrease of the body fluid is noticed. This is especially important during the cutting cycle and preparation for a competition for bodybuilders. Immediately after intake it reaches its maximal concentration within 30-40 minutes. Then it excreted through the kidneys and bladder.

Application and dosage of Gonadorelin

In order to prevent complications the peptide is administered in courses. The following scheme is acceptable: 100-200 mcg every four hours. Gonadorelin course lasts for four weeks and consists of 4 injection per day. Then the pause must be made in order to recover normal operation of organism’s own endocrine organs.

Here you can buy Gonadorelin (2 mg) Polypeptide from the manufacturer. This product is sold as an injection base. We supply an original Swedish product that is certified and safe to use. We guarantee a favorable price below the market average.

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