Ipamorelin (2 mg) Vermopeptide

Ipamorelin (2 mg) Vermopeptide

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Buy Ipamorelin (2 mg) Vermopeptide in the USA

Ipamorelin (2 mg) Vermopeptide is a peptide used to stimulate the production of growth hormone in the human body. The drug is widely in demand among athletes because it gives great results without a lot of side effects that are presented in similar drugs.

Ipamorelin gives such positive effects on the athlete's body:

Stimulation of muscle growth;
Burning fat;
Improving the quality of sleep and recovery of the body;
Strengthening bones, ligaments and skin.

Ipamorelin dosage

The drug is used as a subcutaneous injection during the course. The duration of taking Ipamorelin should not exceed 1 month. Side effects include headache with an increased dose. You can buy Ipamorelin (2 mg) Vermopeptide inexpensively in our online store.

We supply the drug directly from the manufacturer, and this allows us to guarantee quality and a reduced price tag.

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