MGF (2 mg) CanadaPeptides

MGF (2 mg) CanadaPeptides

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About MGF

The mechanical growth factor is a kind of substance which is produced after increased physical activity in the human's body. This insulin-like hormone enhances the muscle cells division speed. The hormone brings cells out of sleep mode increasing the amount of muscles. With its effects the peptide is similar to growth hormone.

In the human’s body the insulin-like substance is produced by the liver under the effect of growth hormone. This process takes place only as a response to physical exercises. In other words the liver does not generate it in any other ways. The researches show that MGF peptides help to wake up the sleeping areas of muscle cells so it leads to the increase in their number.

Because of such effect the peptide is recommended for use in the therapy for dystrophy caused by age-related changes or formed as a result of the disease.

The effects of the use of MGF

  • significant reduce of fat tissue
  • increase of muscle volume due to the growth of the muscle cells number and the duration of their "life"
  • increase of endurance and strength
  • reducing the risk of muscle injury during trainings
  • improvement of skin condition

Application and dosage of MGF

The recommended dosage for the beginners is 100-150 mcg per day. Injections are administered with an interval of 2-3 days. The course duration is 5-6 weeks. Experienced bodybuilders can use higher doses up to 1000 mcg. This allows to achieve the desired result in the minimal period of time.

Side effects and contraindications

If the dosage of MGF is exceeded it might lead to the myocardial hypertrophy. However with proper use of the peptide the heart muscle will be protected from the negative effect of the increased workloads. Before you buy MGF you should define the most suitable dosage.

The price for the mechanical growth factor depends on the manufacturer and its dosage in the vial. We offer very profitable prices from the verified suppliers so you can be sure about its quality.

Application information is posted for the informational purposes only.

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