Melanotan 2 nasal spray ( 20 mg) Quick Tan Melano

Melanotan 2 nasal spray ( 20 mg) Quick Tan Melano

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Melanotan 2 spray

Melanotan II is a peptide hormone, a synthetic analogue of natural melanocortin (peptide that stimulates melanin synthesis and makes skin darker). It also stimulates potency.

Main effects:

      Makes skin look tanned;

      Boosts libido and stimulates erections (within two hours after you use it);

      Suppresses appetite.

How to use Melanotan 2 spray

At the moment, Melanotan price is quite attractive while its effects are amazing. That’s why people try to use it to the fullest, but it’s unacceptable because it can be dangerous.

Daily dose is 1 mg of product per 100 kg.

Course duration is 1-8 weeks, it depends on your goals.

When you get the desired effect, you reduce the amount of injections to 1-3 weekly, meaning that now you only need to maintain the effect.

Here’re the doses for Melanotan 2 nasal spray:

      100 kg (body weight) — (4 sprays in each nostril daily – 8 sprays in total)

      75 kg (body weight) — (3 sprays in each nostril daily – 6 sprays in total)

      50 kg (body weight) — (2 sprays in each nostril daily – 4 sprays in total)

Melanotan 2 nasal spray is a synthetic analogue of the hormone responsible for natural melanocyte production. It was proved long ago that injection the hormone into your body ismore effective than exposure to UV. Melanotan 2 nasal spraywill be helpful for people whose skin is naturally too fair and hypersensitive to sun. Melanotan isn’t recognized as a medication yet, but it’s approved in Europe, to be more precise, it’s approved by an Italian medical agency.

The product is supplied in 2 forms: nasal spray and injectable solution. Here’re the advantages of nasal spray:

      You can always carry the product around and use at any time you want.

      Unlike getting injections, doing sprays doesn’t feel unpleasant.

      You can’t overdose Melanotan 2 thanks to the dosing device.

Who should buy Melanotan spray

First of all, it’s recommended to those whose skin is very fair or became very fair because of climate change. After using Melanotan for some time, you’ll notice that your skin has nice golden color. You can use the product when getting ready for your vocation if you going to visit warm countries.

Melanotan 2 can be useful even for those who don’t do sports.

You can call Melanotan 2 a unique development because it has almost no counterindications, it is effective (also for people with certain diseases) and delivers a cosmetic effect.

Melanotan 2 characteristics

The demand for Melanotan 2 grows especially high when summer is coming. When the product gets into your body, it boosts the production of melanin which is produced by your body naturally when it’s exposed to ultraviolet radiation образом (but natural production isn’t that massive). Melanotan 2 together with sunlight can give you a golden tan without the risks of sunburns.

Before the body develops a tan, it’ll burn fat deposits and boost your potency!

Doses and how often to use Melanotan 2

Recommended dose of Melanotan 2 spray – 2 mg per 100 kg daily. The effect will develop gradually during 1-3 weeks. Use Melanotan 2 daily until you get the desired tan. To improve the results, sunbathe 3 times a week (or at least no less than 1 time a week, and sun-parlour is also an option).

When you get the desired tan, you can reduce the doses and frequency of using the product to 1 mg 1-2 times a week (sometimes, you need to sunbath only 1-2 times a week to maintain the effect).The more often you expose your skin to UV rays (sun-parlour, sunbathing) when taking Мelanotan 2, the darker your tan will be.

Мelanotan 2 can give you a great tan only if your skin is exposed to UV rays or sun. Otherwise, the effect won’t be that noticeable.

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