Selank (10 mg) CanadaPeptides

Selank (10 mg) CanadaPeptides

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Selank (10 mg) CanadaPeptides is a drug widely used by athletes. The scope of application of this peptide is the control of aggressive and anxiety states. Also, it stimulates productive activity and improves athletic performance.

Selank is especially valuable because it is not harmful to the body and is not addictive.
Also improves memory and ability to analyze complex data.

Selank dosage

The recommend dosage is 300-500 mcg per day.

You can buy Selank (10 mg) CanadaPeptides at an affordable price. The drug is supplied in the form of a powder for injection.

We supply peptides exclusively from the manufacturer. We guarantee you authenticity of the drug and an affordable price. Delivery is carried out all over the world.

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