Anastrozol 1mg 50 tab Prime Labs

Anastrozol 1mg 50 tab Prime Labs

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Anastrozole is an antiestrogen, a hormone of aromatase inhibitor class. Athletes use it to suppress aromatase enzyme which transforms testosterone into estrogen. In other words, you need Anastrozole to eliminate estrogenic activity of some steroids.

This medication is supplied as tablets, each tablet contains 1 mg of an active ingredient. Anastrozole was designed to be used in traditional medicine, but it gained popularity among athletes because of its ability to reduce estrogen levels in men. Antiestrogen delivers its effect very quickly and starts working within just 120 minutes after it’s taken.

The effects of Anastrozol

The most significant effects of Anastrozole for bodybuilders are:

  • Faster flushing out of fluid thanks to suppression of the activity of female hormones;
  • Reduction in estrogen levels;
  • Contribution to testosterone growth.

As it has already been told, if you’re planning a steroid cycle that includes aromatizing steroids (first of all, ethers of testosterone which are very popular among athletes), you should order Anastrozole. This product will help you to reduce the estrogen-related side effects and reduce the withdrawal effect.

It’s also worth noting that Anastrozole is very safe. If you follow recommendations, you won’t experience any side effects. Sometimes, Anastrozole does have negative effects, but, most often, it happens because of individual intolerance to the active ingredient – antiestrogen.

Anastrozole: instructions for use

Aromatase inhibitors should be taken before food with a lot of water. Sports medicine experts recommend using this product in one of the following ways:

  • After you experience the first symptoms of high level of aromatization. In this situation, you should take 1 mg of Anastrozole until all side effects are gone. Then, reduce the single dose twice and take the drug every second day.
  • To prevent estrogen-related side effects. The single dose is 0,5 mg, take tablets every second day.

Beginners should opt for the second scheme. We offer those living in New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and other cities of the US to buy sports pharma products from us.

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