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Clomigen 50 mg 20 tab Genetic Labs

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To boost the restoration of their natural hormone levels, many athletes take Clomed 50 mg Balkan. This product stimulates the production of testosterone, as well as other hormones (luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone). The way of taking Clomed depends on what drugs you took during a steroid cycle. If those were only oral drugs, you can start taking Clomed on the third day after the cycle is over. If you got injections of long-acting drugs, you can start taking this product only in two weeks after you got the last injections. In both cases, take one tablet daily for 10 days. 


Clomed and post-cycle therapy  

Remember that post-cycle therapy (as a rule, Clomed or Tamoxifen) is what plays a crucial role in the overall results. If you choose the wrong drugs or dangerous dosage, you can derail all your efforts and not only lose muscle mass, but even disrupt hormone system function.  


You need Clomed for your post-cycle therapy to:  

Reduce estrogen levels;

Suppress the effects of female hormones;  

Prevent estrogen-related side effects (for example, gynecomastia);  

Restore proper hormone system function;   

Maintain proper hormone levels.


How to take Clomed during Post-cycle therapy   

Bodybuilders take Clomed only during post-cycle therapy. It’s important to follow the dosage: if you take 2-3 tablets daily, estrogen receptors in your testicles and pituitary will be suppressed. Athletes who took soft oral steroids during the cycle should start with 2-3 tablets a day. If you used strong steroids, start with 3 tablets. Hormones stop ruining your muscle mass and suppressing testosterone due to clomed that only reduces their activity. Overdosing can cause irreversible harm to your health. 


Clomed: instructions for use   

Specialists recommend to start taking Clomed once your steroid cycle is over. The point is that any steroids boost anabolic hormone levels, thus making the male body try to reach this level at any cost and synthesize estrogen intensely to maintain proper hormone balance. Of course, when the cycle is over, testosterone levels fall sharply while estrogen levels remain high. If you don’t take Clomed or Tamoxifen, estrogen will ruin all the results achieved during a steroid cycle. We would like to notice that you can also buy Clomed in a drugstore (but the tradename will be different).

Taking Clomed after a cycle, you prevent most of the estrogens from affecting your body. While you take the drug, your body gradually restores natural hormone production. Decrease Clomed dosage to 1 tablet a day gradually. Testosterone production will improve by the moment when post-cycle therapy is over. Even if the levels of female hormones are still high, testosterone prevents negative effects on muscle mass.   

It’s best to take Clomed in the morning and in the evening.  Course duration varies from 1 week to 1 month.   


Clomed vs. Tamoxifen  

Clomed isn’t the only drug that can block estrogen receptors. Some athletes also use Tamoxifen - a cheaper analog of Clomed (that’s the main reason why many athletes choose it). All in all, they deliver the same results, that’s why many athletes are wondering which option to choose. You can’t take Tamoxifen after steroid cycles based on nandrolone while Clomed is universal and can be taken after the cycles based on anything. Also, this product’s biological activity is at a proper level.       

In other words, if your steroid cycle was based on Primobolan or testosterone, don’t hesitate choosing Tamoxifen for your post-cycle therapy, but if it was based on Nandrolone or Trenbolone, Clomed is your only option!      

One tablet contains around 50 mg of active substance – clomiphene. To get the same effect, you’ll need 10 or 20 mg of Tamoxifen, which is not good because you should decrease the dosage of anti-estrogen drugs during your post-cycle therapy and it’ll be harder to do it with Tamoxifen.     

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