Proviron 50 mg 25 tab Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Proviron 50 mg 25 tab Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Buy Proviron 25 tablets x 50 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Proviron is an antiestrogen, one of aromatase inhibitors. It has a moderate effect. The product’s active ingredient is Mesterolone which is a strong androgen and has a moderate anabolic effect. However, regardless of its steroidal nature, you should use Proviron only as an aromatase inhibitor.

The effects of Proviron

Here’re the most significant positive effects of the product for athletes:

  • Slows down aromatization process;
  • Inhibits the transport proteins, thus having an indirect effect on free testosterone level;
  • Helps to improve muscle definition.
  • It’s worth noting that it makes sense to order Proviron only for men. Women aren’t recommended to use this product to improve sports performance.

How to use Proviron

If you use Mesterolone as an aromatase inhibitor, it’s enough to take 50 mg of antiestrogen daily. Proviron has a softer effect than Anastrozole, so it’s better to use it after soft AAS. For example, it’d be great to use Proviron (which isn’t expensive) after a cycle of Metandienone or ethers of Testosterone.

In most cases, Mesterolone can do its job on its own. However, in one case, it makes sense to combine it with Tamoxifen: do so if you have gynaecomasty symptoms. The point is that if you don’t do anything, you’ll need surgery sooner or later. However, it’s easy to avoid surgery: just take Proviron and Tamoxifen. This combination can eliminate all symptoms of gynaecomasty development.

Professional bodybuilders often take Proviron at the last stages of getting ready for competitions, this helps them to improve muscle definition. To do so, you need to take 100-150 mg of product daily, while the course duration shouldn’t exceed 3 months. Don’t forget that Mesterolone is a strong androgen.

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