Proviron-ver 50mg 25tab (Vermodje)

Proviron-ver 50mg 25tab (Vermodje)

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Proviron-ver is a preparation that consists of the active substance masterolone. The Ver device means that this product is produced by the company Vermodje. It is produced in a dosage of 50 mg. Active ingredient in 1 tablet. Proviron-Ver is inherently an artificial androgen. Proviron - a synthetic real-life androgen, which does not have anabolic qualities. This is a product developed by Vermodje, Moldova.

Proviron-Ver is a tablet anti-estrogen, which is not a steroid, therefore, has no anabolic properties. In addition, little effort is required. It can also be assumed that this drug can actually reduce the sensitivity of estrogen receptors, which doubly increases its efficacy when the circulating estrogen levels are weakened.

The second application is based on the expansion of the testosterone potential. You can buy Provino-Ver in this store under extremely low prices. Be aware of fakes and buy only original products here. Proviron, a multifunctional drug, allows bodybuilders to solve several problems. About which I'll talk just below.

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Several misconceptions about the Proviron-Ver

  • Proviron is an anti-aromatase drug. I agree, but weak and practically does not prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogens.
  • So, in the fight against gynecomastia, "filling", the deposition of fat by the female type, the provironer, is a rather weak assistant.
  • But it's better to turn your attention to anastrazole, so it's safer.
  • In an extreme case, if there is nothing else at hand, it is better to use tamoxifen, although in this case the effectiveness of the course will fall.

Proviron should be used on the pkt, so it allows you to quickly restore your own testosterone. No, prociron does not help the recovery, but rather can tighten this process.

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Why and how to take Proviron-Ver during the course? To increase the effectiveness of the course. Proviron-Ver, binds to the globulin, which in turn binds the sex hormones, due to this, it can increase the level of free testosterone in the blood, due to this, anabolism increases substantially.

Take proborone to increase libido in courses of drugs that have an ability to reduce your sexual potential. Thus, the usage of Proviron-Ver will be justified when nandrolones as well as trenbolones that are used. Similarly, if you have low libido you will observe the increase of it abolition due to th decreasing of the levels your own testosterone, then the overall usage proviron will also be justified in post-course therapy, for example, together with tamoxifen or clomid.

Proviron-Ver will definitely help you, it can be used for those athletes during the period of precompetitive training increasing of stiffness as well as musculature and also give muscles relief. Proviron medication that can be taken as well in the dosage of fifty miligrams. The daily dose is divided and two doses and taken after meals, in the morning and in the evening. If necessary, the dosage can be raised to 100 mg.

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